Beijing Winter Olympics, the Winter Disabled Olympics is approaching.On December 3, Yan Cheng, at the National New Office Conference, Beijing Winter Olympics and Winter Disabled Olympics Operation Command Dispatching Center, said that the current "meeting Beijing" series test competition is progressing smoothly, before the winter OranceAll the various joint works are also continuously deepening.

"The series of test competitions is good to hold the" Meeting Beijing "series of test competitions is an important opportunity to fully inspect all preparations before the Winter Olympics.

From October 5th, 10 international events, 3 international training and 2 domestic test activities, the operation test of the full factor is carried out in an orderly manner.

  Yan Cheng said, as of now, the six events such as the short-moving World Cup hosted by the Beijing Division, the five events such as the Sleigh World Cup hosted by the Yanqing Division, and the single-board ski and free-style ski disorder in Zhangjiakou Fair chased the World Cup. End, the test process has been too large.

"From the ended test, the event is in good health, achieving the established test objectives, has won the active evaluation of international sports organizations, participating athletes and domestic and foreign media.

"He said.

  During the series of test competitions, the relevant organizing committees and venue teams were fully robbed to the international single sports organization. When the standard winter Olympics, the competition organization team was exercised, and the running streamline of the competition was fully inspected; The facilities highlight "Science and Technology Fan", all meet the technical standards for the requirements of the Winter Olympics; the operation command system is fully launched, and the cooperation between different business areas, linkage operation … related parties can measure the test, should Survey, it laid a solid foundation for the implementation of "simple, safe and wonderful". At the same time as the test competition, the preparations in the Winter Oortya are also continuously deepening. Yan Cheng said that there are currently all 12 competition venues have all completed and have a mid-term condition, and the ice project venue is completed, and the preparation of the scene of the snow project venue has progressed smoothly.

"The winter of the 3 divisions is a new, and the lighting lights are launched, and a series of full-process, full elements, and scenes are launched.

All competition venues, the non-competition field hall running team all the completion, the personnel are ready, always ready to meet the event.

"He said.

  When the event service guarantees the hard work of the Difficult Winter Olympics, most of the snow project competition will be held in the Yanqing Division, Zhangjiakou District, for the two-game area, the more complex mountain terrain, the precise weather service is to protect the Beijing Winter Olympics Going to the key. According to Zhao Weidong, Minister of Information Propaganda Department of Beijing Winter Olympics, more than 4 years ago, China Meteorological Bureau has established a Winter Olympics, after work, now I have built Yanqing Hainuo Mountain, Zhangjiakou Kangbao 2 weather forecast radar equipment and 50 Multiple track meteorological stations have established a three-dimensional meteorological monitoring network with "multi-element, three-dimensional, second" characteristics.

"The Meteorological Center has been monitored for several years to monitor the collection of mountain track meteorological data, prepare relevant meteorological reports, meteorological risk analysis reports, and continuously provide relevant information to all stakeholders to help you see meteorological risk response." He said, At present, the Beijing Winter Olympics committee is working with the International Olympic Committee, the relevant International Winter Sports Association and the Olympic Broadcasting Company, and the Beijing Winter Olympics emergency schedule.

Once extreme weather occurs, the management procedure for the competition schedule changes will be launched, and all aspects of emergency preparation will be made to minimize the adverse effects of extreme weather to the event. Given the global epidemic situation, the Beijing Winter Olympics committee and the International Olympic Committee, the International Disabled Olympic Committee issued the "Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Winter Disabled Association Epidemic Handbook" (hereinafter referred to as "Epidemic Handbook" ), Strictly implement "closed loop management" for relevant personnel. Zhao Weidong said that this month’s second edition "Epidemic Handbook" is about to be released. "These efforts are to ensure that Beijing Winter Olympics will be held in the safest premise." He explained that "closed-loop management" does not limit any registered personnel Free activities in "closed loop".

In the large area of ??"closed-loop", registers can flow between station, venues and venues and venues through special vehicles, and free flow between the three divisions.

"We will provide registrant with high-speed rail and shuttle-based transportation services, and efficiently meet the rapid pass between the registered personnel in the 3 divided districts and internal venues in the Division.

"Winter Olympics, sustainable development, according to international practice, regardless of the snowfall in the event, all snow project competition venue in Winter Olympics must maintain snow shape to ensure that participants have the same game conditions.

It is understood that the National Alpine Ski Center, located in Yanqing Division, is officially savvy from November 15, which is expected to complete the snow work in mid-January next year.

  "We have done a statistically, the water demand in the Winter Olympics is only accounting for the amount of water in the Yanqing area, accounting for 4 ‰ of the total water resources in the region.

"The Yanqing District of Beijing said that the Yanqing Division always adheres to the multicultural water storage, circulating water, and science and technology festival, ensuring that the demand for the Winter Olympics will not be safe. And the ecological environment has a negative impact. For how to "scientific, green" to complete the snow work, Zhao Wenfeng, mayor Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province, said that the Zhangjiakou Fair has effectively guaranteed the snow water, and realizes water. Resource sustainable use and "win – win" of ecological environment.

While paying attention to the cultivation of biochemy water, while using the same surface water, Zhangjiakou Fair is also focused on scientific and water. "The two venue of the girling and the ancient pop pop popity uses high-efficiency water-saving artificial snow equipment and intelligent snow system, which can maintain the best snow efficiency according to the dynamic changes of the outside environment, saving 20% ??of the snow water. about.

He said. Green, sustainable, is a concept that Beijing Winter Olympics has been organized. The Winter Olympics is organized as an opportunity, and the ice and snow movement ushered in a rare opportunity.

Zhao Wenfeng said, at present, the nine comprehensive ski resorts in Zhangjiakou have been put into operation. The ice and snow sports supporting facilities continue to improve, the ice and snow sports education training system is increasingly mature, and the ice and snow sports promotion has achieved phased results. "The heat and attention of the ice and snow movement continues to rise. As of now, Zhangjiakou has accumulated 5 million people to participate in the ice and snow movement. After the Beijing Winter Olympics, we will also fully implement the sustainable use plan of winter Olympic heritage, grasp opportunities, and take advantage of I force. "(Editor: Luo Wei, Zhanghua Wei) Sharing let more people see.