Out of working hours,Cui Ronghao has always been easy-going towards his subordinates,Eat with him,Everyone is relaxed。Dinner is not over yet,A few people are already drunk。
A male colleague named Zhang Enze leaned in front of Yushi by drinking Jiner,Asked mysteriously:“beauty,I heard you broke up with Zhao Haiyi?”
Listen to him asking,Yushi really froze,It’s really good not to go out,Bad things spread thousands of miles,They just broke up,The news spread。
Yushi didn’t say anything,Not sure or denying。Zhang Enze really drank too much,Didn’t notice her face change at all,Then said:“Good break up,Just break up。He Zhao Haiyi is a fool,I don’t know how to cherish my beautiful girlfriend,With that yellow girl,I really doubt if he is blind。”
Listen to him,Yu Shi knows that Zhao Haiyi and Zhang Xiaoxue are together, many people know,But she was kept in the dark。
She broke up with him,if it is possible,She didn’t want to hear this name all her life。But look at the situation,They are still colleagues,It is inevitable to have work contact in the future。
She planned to do a few more shows before leaving Yidong Media,Now it seems,Resignation must be put on the agenda in advance。
When my father Han Honglang was alive, he hoped that she would inherit her father’s inheritance.,To manage the company at home。Although she hesitated,But I still obeyed my father,Learned a lot with him,I went to Peking UniversityMBA。
Maybe now is the best time to leave,One can avoid Zhao Haiyi and Zhang Xiaoxue forever,Two can follow the father’s will,Three pieces of her doubts about her father’s sudden death,She wants to go to the company to investigate。
Korean poems are never sloppy,Hesitating,After dinner,On the way Cui Ronghao took her home,She confided her thoughts to him。
Yushi was made popular by Cui Ronghao,In public for private,He couldn’t bear to let her go。But the people at Yidong Media don’t know,Cui Ronghao knows very well,Their female anchor is the daughter of the former chairman of Hengneng Real Estate,Go home and inherit the family business,Managing the company is sooner or later。
Application for resignation to Yu Shi,He was not in a hurry,But let her think about it,Don’t be too anxious。
he knows,Although it is inevitable for Yushi to leave Yidong Media,But Zhao Haiyi’s betrayal of her accelerated this inevitable process。
There is no sand in my eyes,She cannot be in the same company as her ex-boyfriend and Mi。