The most important thing is that Xu Tianci is impressed in the villagers in Lotus Village.,But it can calmly live these people。
really,With the arrival of Xu Tiancai,I want to buy apples, I am also ignorant.,Then I got the apple home.。
For this scene,Li Hui Feng did not feel any accident。
Li Hui Feng is also arranged in the team of Suwa.,At the same time, do dozens of apples have been found to give these people to identify testing.。
After all arrangements,Li Hui Hui went to the mountain scene to see it.。
Seeing Yang Li has already started to start packing out a huge empty land to use to raise chicken.,He is also a lot of confidence。
Just when Li Hui Feng, just satisfied it.,Jin Xijie’s phone is also called。
“Lee Boss,Things we have been investigated.。”
Speed is very fast,What results do you survey??”
Li Hui Feng is also curious how these people can cut half cut.,Eight million investment only uses 40 million。
Although I don’t want to think, I will earn a wave from the top of the raw material.,But if it is said that the raw material can earn 40 million,He is still a little not believed.。
After all, it is a fool, you should feel it.。
“Hey-hey,There is,But maybe not you think so much.,This material is indeed some expensive,But in general, those good materials quotes are basically the price.。”
“and then?”
Li Hui frowned frowned。
He is just the result,But I don’t want to listen to Jin Xijie’s process.。
“Then we will detect more,I found that your engineer should have collision with internal staff.,These money should be a layer transfer,Then I didn’t get it.。”
“Then you say Yang Li has no participation in this matter.?”
Although Li Hui Feng believes in Yang Li,But can be 8 million is not a small number,In front of money, he will not believe anyone.。
“This should not,It should be some people arranged by the engineer.,As for how,How to make money,There should be his own hand。”
“Um,Row,I will let you take over this thing.,Then Yang Li, I let him do anything else.,do not worry,I just let you pick up one or two months.,Money is 40 million investment,Material is ok,How did this person to deal with you?,Can you do it??”
“Hey-hey,Certainly,But some things you have to give me a picture.。”
Li Hui does not know what is the meaning of Jin Xijie.。
But I thought about it.,Still reminding:“Don’t kill people。”
“Hey-hey,rest assured,I won’t do anything about violations of law.。”
Hang up the phone,Li Hui said with Yang Li and said with Yang Li.,Let Yang Li fully wants to go to the hill field。
As for the engineering team,Yang Li takes again later。
Yang Li heard Jin Xijie to take over his position,The first time also thought of Jin Xijie with him to listen to those rocks.,The problem of the price of cement。
Think now,He also understands。
Is definitely an investigation?,He continues to do it here again.,Li Anti-style should not trust him.。
Or is it trust him,Then his ability is not enough to win the current position.。
Although I have some words, Li is not known.,But he also knows his level。
Think about it,He also agreed without hesitation.。