Zhou Qiaoxiao saw Ma Xiaoliang’s shot of the live broadcast facing himself.,Uncomfortable,Instead, I have a while.。
Any dish in front of her is to make her feel like to stop.。
“I make up,The anchor is actually with the small pepper.,Do you have a rape??”
“Yup,How do I feel where you go?,Where is Zhou Da Beauty??”
The rhythm of the live broadcast turned into the direction。
This is what Ma Xiaoliang didn’t think of it.。
And at this time,The big lady on Zhou Qiaoxia is open.。
“Little girl,This is your object.?”
No no。”
So asked by this old woman,Zhou Qiaoqi is also panicked.。
And the panic look is just a clear two children who have just been lived by live.。
“Don’t explain,Madai is coming over,This guy is in love with your eyes.,Your gimmick, he also has a love.。”
Chapter 1,539 Live in
The audience in the live broadcast heard this,Also all blow up the pot。
“I said that they must have something。”
Originally Ma Xiaoliang and Zhou Qiaoxin believed that the figurus did not appear。
Some is some blessings,This makes Zhou Qiain and Ma Xiaoliang are a little happy.。
Hesitate,Zhou Qiao Xia laughing:“What do you say is yes?。”
This exit,The popularity of the live broadcast。
At the same time, everyone about the stream feast is also a new height.。
Of course, there is still a horse Xiaoliang and Zhou Qiaoxia.。
After all, the two are big anchors.,Especially Zhou Qiaqiansheng will be together with Ma Xiaoliang.。
Originally, I thought two people were two teams.,Then conduct cooperation。
But now it seems that two people are afraid there will be one thing.。
Otherwise, how to take a small anchor?
Many things must not be built,Slightly scrutaming,Rapida will take the truly answer along the spider mart.。
“Anly,Hurry help me try the roast chicken?!”
“Correct,The chicken stewed mushroom is also good.,The mushroom is tender and people have appetite。”
Ma Xiaoliang heard these words and hurriedly helped to taste it.,Let’s tell the live broadcast between the taste。
Zhou Qiaoxiao is also the same。
Although there are many relationships of the two people in the barrage, is it true?,But Ma Xiaoliang and Zhou Qiaoqi have not answered。
Instead, answer some foods on some street feasts.。
Ma Xiaoliang followed Zhou Qiaoxiaxiao’s live audience explosion,Di Xiaojiro also known the first time.。