Chapter One Hundred
Hongjia,Hong Deshao is here waiting for news。
After all, now,No one knows,What is going on here。
Anyway now,I can only count as one step。
As for the next,What do you need to do,Actually just these problems,It’s definitely not that simple。
And Hong Deshao’s side,A subordinate,He ran in in a hurry。
“Patriarch,Something bad。”
See this person in front of you,Hong Deshao is a little unhappy。
“whats the matter,In such a hurry?”
When Hong Deshao said to this side,at this time,In front of Hong Deshao,The immediate subordinates,I don’t forget to say to Hong Deshao。
“Our people,Annihilated。”
These words,Hong Deshao’s face,It becomes very ugly。
“Where’s Meng Tan,Didn’t he come back either?”
With Hong Deshao talking here,The others didn’t forget to shook their heads here。
After all such a thing,Actually from now on,It’s already a matter on the bright side。
As for the next,These things,How to arrange。
Just these things,Actually, it’s not simple at all。