Tip: Milk uses homemade beauty methods

The fragrant and delicious milk is also an “essential secret weapon” for beauty lovers!

There is no doubt that drinking milk and milk bath are shortcuts to the highest realm of “skin as gel”, and the proper use of milk to make a homemade mask is also a magic weapon for home-made crushes!

  First, the frozen milk soothes the sun and hurts the skin. I do n’t know if the original milk not only can nourish the skin, but also based on the effect of enzymes, it also has anti-inflammatory, swelling and alleviating skin tension effects.

Therefore, after sunbathing, if you notice that your face becomes burnt due to sunburn, you can use milk to treat it.

  Second, the milk mask removes wrinkles and whitens. Wash the face with frozen milk, and then apply the cotton-soaked cotton pad on the entire face, or apply a thin towel to the affected area.

If there is pain in the whole body, you may immerse yourself in a milk bath, so that the skin damaged by sunlight can be soothed, reduce pain and prevent disease.

  Milk is rich in milk fat, vitamins and minerals, has a natural moisturizing effect, and is easily absorbed by the skin. It can prevent skin dryness and eliminate the repair of dry lines. It has an excellent cosmetic effect. You can try natural beauty.

  Milk strawberry mask DIY: Method: 100ml, 50g strawberry, mashed like mud, adjusted to a paste, rub the face, leave it for 20 minutes and wash it off.

This method can prevent the skin from drying and aging, making the skin smooth, moist and delicate.

  Third, moisturizing anti-wrinkle mask 1.

Milk + flour method: Mix 3 spoons of milk and 3 spoons of flour evenly, adjust to a paste, cover the face, and after the mask is dry, carefully wash with warm water and follow the steps of washing your face.

  This mask can only be applied twice a week at most, it is too bad for the skin.


Milk + olive oil + flour method: Take 1 tablespoon of milk, add a few drops of olive oil and a small amount of flour, mix well, apply it on a clean surface, and wash with warm water after drying.

  This face pack reduces wrinkles and increases skin elasticity.

  Fourth, bleach freckle mask 1.

Milk + hydrogen peroxide + flour + water Method: Mix one spoonful of milk, two spoonfuls of hydrogen peroxide, 3 spoons of flour and some water carefully, and then spread evenly with a soft brush. After the mask is completely dry, wash it off with warm water.

The water added to the mask is preferably distilled water without impurities; avoid touching the eyebrows and eyes when applying.


The benefit of adding a milky mask to a gloss mask is to have a deep cleansing effect. However, if you have no time to make a homemade mask, if you just apply milk to your daily face, as long as you persist, apply it 1-2 times a week, and it will also make the skin shiny and smooth.

  Method: Pour the milk into a clean wash basin, and then apply it on a thin towel; wait until the milk on the surface is completely dry, and then wait a few minutes to wash with water.