Ways to protect your eyes in spring

Spring warms the earth and everything recovers. Spring is a season when everything is vibrant and suitable for going out.

Experts say that for people who have been working indoors for a long time, feel tired eyes, and have blurred vision, there are certain ways to go out and go out to help the eyes.

  Health strategy: The typical way to spring in the spring is to protect your eyes and fly a kite to relax your ciliary muscles. Experts say that in addition to causing high flying and stretching discomfort, flying a kite has special effects on preventing myopia.

At close range, the tension of the ciliary muscles caused by continuous use of the eye is the main cause of myopia. Flying a kite just allows the eyes to focus on the distance, which is a good eye movement.

The eye movements of the human body often look down and up, and look far up. Kite flying can attract children to focus on the kite in the distance. This game feature of looking up at a certain point in the distance can cure the ciliary muscle relaxation.,rest.

  Taqingshi green restores vision. Eyes are most afraid of ultraviolet rays. Swimming without sunglasses or exposed to snow for long periods of time will cause vision damage. White light and red light are irritating to eyes. Indoor lights, especially computers and game consoles,The television screen damaged the retina.

Only the natural green of the wilderness, forest, and grassland is most suitable for people’s vision. Spring outing in nature to see the green is very good for the restoration of vision.

  Ascending experts from the perspective of anti-eye muscle rigidity pointed out that only by constantly changing the distance and near scenes can the flexible expansion and contraction of the eye’s regulating muscles be maintained without stiffness.

People’s daily work, study, and reading are close-up shots, and going to nature to look far away is a good way to prevent rigidity of the eye muscles.

  Bird watching eliminates eye fatigue Bird watching and bird watching can quickly adjust the field of vision and change the focal length during the process of searching and tracking birds, which is great for eliminating eye fatigue.