“Man in Black” was transformed into a pigeon by “Spider-Man”!This animation is a recreational agent
The special comedy adventure animation “Transformed Agents” produced by Blue Sky Animation Studios is being screened. This film is jointly composed by Troy Quinn and Nick Bruno who participated in “Snoopy: The Peanuts Movie” and “Ice Age 5”.Directed, the main characters Super Agent Lance and the young scientist Walter were voiced by “Black Man” Will Smith and “Little Spider” Tom Hland.The film was released in North America on December 25 last year, and the Imdb score is quite satisfactory.8 points, described by the superfluous fans as a very creative agent animation, the settings of the two protagonists also accurately “recreated” the movie history’s number one agent 007 and prop design partner “Q”.[Character]Lance is very “Will Smith” “Transformed Agent” draws inspiration from the sensational animated creative short film “Mission Dove” directed by Lucas Matel in 2009, realizes that the clothes are well-dressed, and is keen on single-handedness.The super agent Lance who blew up the building turned into a pigeon because of the misfortunes, and had to form a story with the peace-loving tech otaku Walter that it was impossible for the duo to save the world.As a talented teenager who graduated from MIT at the age of 15, Walter often makes a lot of brain hole equipment that is different from ordinary people. He has been working on an invention called “biological dynamic camouflage”, which can make the user become a bigWhat most people ignore-let them disappear under the eyes of everyone.When Lance accidentally drank the formula, he became a pigeon.As Walter thinks, “pigeons are everywhere, nobody notices them!”This is the perfect disguise for the agents.”Then they embarked on a bizarre journey to save the world.In addition to being an agent genre film, “Transformed Agent” is also a brother comedy. Its humor comes from the difference between the two protagonists. Lance and Walter are typical quirky partners. In the animated image, the shape of the characterThe design looks very similar to the two actors.对导演来说,创作本部电影的动作英雄兰斯的模样是非常简单的,导演布鲁诺回忆道:“当我们说要塑造最酷炫的动作英雄,脑子里自动想到了‘黑衣人’威尔· Smith.After he joined, the cooperation was very high, which really helped us shape Lance.”In the presentation of the screen image, Smith’s natural charm and talkative voice are indeed very suitable for Lance. Even if he is in the form of a dove, only listening to the sound or seeing the beautiful face, he will feel that Smith is standing alive in front of him.Character building with Walter is more challenging, Quinn explained: “We want the audience to laugh at what Walter does or the situation he is in. He is a very smart guy, but he ca n’t adapt to the real world.law.He was very academic and also attached to his own ideas, not as aggressive as Lance.”Both directors thought it was difficult to try to find this balance,” but when we saw Herland, we knew that Walter was found. The charm and enthusiasm of the little spider made Walter come alive.[Style]Using pigeons instead of heroes to create humorous director Kui An said, “Transformed Agents” has the classic elements of special films: exotic scenes, large action scenes, futuristic high-tech equipment and an unforgettable themeSoundtrack.They imagined what would happen if a pigeon was used instead of the hero in the movie.When the outer elements are more solid and cool, the more likely it is to create a humorous effect, especially when a pigeon becomes the center of the story.Bruno said: “We don’t want to make it a spoof.We hope this is an authentic agent movie, but it just happens to be presented in the form of animation.”Transfiguration Agent” has its own unique style, design and color tone, which will cause it to stand out from other highlights.In order to pay tribute to the classic agent movie, the art director created all the exotic locations in the film, from Washington DC to Japan, to the Mayan coast of Mexico, to the North Sea of Europe, showing a modern, intimate world for the audience.[Dialogue Herland]We are evolving the “war and peace” sauna night net: the role difference is so big, so how do you communicate with Smith in the film?Tom Herland: Lance obviously likes to take action and beat people down.Although Walter also wants to complete the task, it must be done in a way that has no casualties.Therefore, when I and Smith were coaxially aligning grenade, oil film, kitten sequins, or cuddling bladder (technical props invented by Walter), this “war and peace” process was actually very interesting.Sauna Nightnet: Is Smith far away from your imagined image?Tom Herland: He is amazing, he injects endless enthusiasm and vitality into the character.This contagion makes you can’t help laughing at everything he says, especially when he becomes a pigeon.Because Smith’s voice recognition is too high, if you play one of his short films, you will say, “Oh, that’s Will Smith”, but you can hardly see him become a pigeon.Sauna, Ye Wang Zhou Huixiaowan editor Huang Jialing school against Fan Jinchun