Donnie Yen: Ye Wen has been hitting foreigners, but there is absolutely no discredit
Directed by Ye Weixin, Donnie Yen produced and starred in the film, “Ye Wen 4” starring Wu Yue, Wu Jianhao, Scott Atkins, Zheng Zeshi, Chen Guokun, etc. was released nationwide on December 20, and the first day was ranked first.As the end of the “Ye Wen” series, the story moved to the United States. Ye Wen went to the United States to find a school for his son’s education and was accidentally involved in a dispute between the local military forces and the Chinese martial arts hall.As the action IP that has accompanied the audience for 11 years is coming to an end, Donnie Yen is very calm, “Even if there are good things to say goodbye, the sequel is difficult to surpass the front, we shot the fourth episode, it is already a miracle, I hope to shootAfter the show, don’t consume Ye Wen.”Sauna, Yewang exclusively interviewed starring Donnie Yen and director Ye Weixin. In addition to talking about” more ruthless “action scenes, Donnie Yen revealed that the future drama is a fashion action film.Director Ye Weixin shot the scene at “Ye Wen 4”.Action fights are more fierce than before. “Ye Wen 4” has several exciting action scenes. In this way, Ye Wen and Wan Zonghua’s showdown between Wing Chun and Tai Chi, “One action is faster, one is slow, how to combine,Taste is different “, Donnie Yen described that each action scene in the film will show different action styles because of the plot of the story and the character’s mentality.Director Ye Weixin believes that the action style of this film is relatively ruthless. In some “Ye Wen 2” games of Donnie Yen and Hong Jinbao’s round table war, there is a feeling of performance, but this time Ye Wen went to challenge the action scene of the US military camp.Some kind of scratching the other person’s eyes with a finger, it’s harder to beat, a bit of revenge.From the first part of “Ip Man”, Ip Man began to fight various foreigners, successively challenged Japanese officers, the British boxing champion “Tornado”, the boss played by Tyson, and played against Scott in “Ip Man 4″US military officer played by Akins.Has Ye asked been given too much sense of national mission?Donnie Yen replied: “Isn’t Marvel?Are there American movies?In fact, every hero movie must find a character representing the villains.The Americans have been shooting the Germans for decades, and the Western Cowboys have beaten the Indians. “Donnie Yen and Scott Akins played against US officers.Donnie Yen believes that the story of the film is also a hint based on historical facts. There is no discrediting of foreigners. It just shows the encounters of some Chinese in foreign countries.He wanted to send a message to the audience through the action, “Foreign moon is not necessarily round”, which is also a line that Ye Wen asked Wan Zonghua in the film.Wenxi joined the father-son relationship line “Ye Wen 4” and added a father-son line between Ye Wen and his son Ye Zheng. The relationship between father and son was from the initial tension to the final settlement.In fact, in the first few episodes of “Ye Wen”, there is also an emotional line about Ye Wen and his wife Zhang Yongcheng. In the third part, when Zhang Yongcheng died, director Ye Weixin naturally thought of how Ye Wen handled the relationship with his son.Moreover, Ye Weixin did not want the story to happen again in Hong Kong this time, but where the story takes place must find a reasonable motive to support it, it is associated with Hong Kong, whether it is now or in the 1960s and 70s of the last century, many parents of studentsChildren ‘s education went abroad to find a school. Ye Zheng ‘s son, Ye Zheng, was at a time of rebellion. He did n’t like the arrangement of parents, and there was a conflict between father and son.Ye Wen went to the United States to find a school for his son. Although it was a fictitious plot by Ye Weixin, he felt that this situation was also connected to the line in which Ye Wen’s apprentice Bruce Lee opened an apprenticeship in the United States.Ye Zheng.In the performance, Donnie Yen incorporated some of her understanding of the role.Donnie Yen’s daughter and son have also begun to enter the rebellious period, but he and Ye Wen have different education methods. It is a relatively open education concept. “Every day is still studying. It has never been an easy thing to be a parent.”Tribute to Bruce Lee’s alley shoot for 6 days. Director Ye Weixin is a big fan of Bruce Lee. The film about Bruce Lee in “Ye Wen 4” basically follows the historical adaptation.For example, Bruce Lee was naughty since childhood and did not like to study. His parents accepted American studies. He opened martial arts centers in the United States to teach Chinese martial arts to foreigners. This concept of teaching martial arts was in conflict with the Chinese in Chinatown.The film corresponds to when Ye Wen asked the president of the Chinese Association Wan Zonghua to open a letter of introduction in order to apply to his son in the United States. Wan Zonghua refused him because Ye Wen was the master of Bruce Lee.Regarding Bruce Lee’s plays, there are two important moments in the movie. One is that he participated in the 1964 Long Karate Conference and fought opponents with fists and shocked four of them.Ye Weixin said that Bruce Lee actually participated in two long karate competitions, in 1964 and 1967, respectively, and he fought against his opponent by punches in 1967.The director does not want to completely restore history, but instead of making a record, he still has to start from the perspective of the film.Bruce Lee showed “inch punch” in the film.Another important starting point is that the foreign navy provoked Chinese Kung Fu. Bruce Lee and a foreigner started a fight in the alley. This scene was filmed for 6 days.Director Ye Weixin felt that Bruce Lee, played by Chen Guokun, still caught some details of Bruce Lee’s movements, very similar.Prior to this, many of the film and television works at home and abroad have shot the image of Bruce Lee, but Ye Weixin was not satisfied, and he believes that Bruce Lee in “Ye Wen 4” is the best film of all film and television works about Bruce Lee.After the “Ye Wen” series is over, will Bruce Lee become the director’s next Kung Fu movie IP after Ye Wen?Ye Weixin said that it would be okay to present Bruce Lee in short form in “Ye Wen 4”, but if you make a movie alone, it is unlikely that both the choice of actors and the realization of the story will be too difficult.In the “Tucao Conference” Donnie Yen’s grounding before Donnie Yen’s acting in “Ye Wen”, many viewers caused him to question how he played a very restrained generation of guru.After “Ye Wen” succeeded, Donnie Yen went to pick up other dramas. The audience said, “Ye Wen” went to the fashion show again.At the press conference not long ago, Donnie Yen announced that “Ye Wen 4” will be its last Kung Fu movie.Before “Ye Wen”, Donnie Yen played fashion action movies such as “Breaking the Wolf” and “Fuse Line”. “In fact, the design of that kind of character is my favorite.” In the future, the road will be developed in the direction of fashion action movies, “Hope to find a new favorite character again”.Donnie Yen also worried that the image of the “Ye Wen” generation of guru would restrict her play.He hopes to try more different types of movies in the future. His debut film “Laughing Tai Chi” is a kung fu comedy. In private, Donnie Yen likes ordinary people, and he likes to make jokes. There is no unsmiling smile like Master Ye.Some time ago, he also participated in the talk show “Tucao Conference” and became the main coffee of the show. When he was vomited by everyone and even “guts” by the guests, he all smiled.Donnie Yen feels that she must try and be grounded as an entertainer. This is a very good challenge. “You just vomit me. You can speak more ruthlessly. You can speak swearing. I know it’s not true, and I won’t take it seriouslyEveryone is joking, it doesn’t matter, that is the “Tucao Conference” is Donnie Yen, I’m Yan Ye asked. “Sauna, Ye Wang Teng Chao editor Huang Jialing school against Fan Jinchun