Li Hui does not want to fight Jin Mingwu,Laugh:“The Dongfeng you want is to give you in addition to fairy sister.,No one can give it,Of course, the fairy sister gave you.,Then there will be a lot of contradictions with Li Jia.,This is definitely you don’t want。”
“So just have a more suitable for you.,Just working with me。”
“I am going to open a pharmaceutical company,But my people,Resource is not enough to support,Therefore, Golden Big Brother is just right with fairy.,Just for me, it is also in the snow.,I don’t know if I am willing to be willing to be willing.?”
Li Hui’s words, I have already understood.。
Jin Mingwucked for so many years of boss,Naturally, I know that Li Hui’s meaning is.。
“Their brother wants how to take orders?
Can you append?。”
“I want 60%,Golden big brother 40%,But as long as the Golden Big Brother is handling all the documents,Remainder,prescription,And all kinds of medicines have me to solve,How about it?”
The first thousand five hundred seventy chapters
Conditions for Li Hui Feng,Jin Mingwu is also stunned。
“Lee brother,You are very losing,To know any new drug appearance,That is all hundreds of millions of or even billion investment research and development。”
“Even how to use it again,What should I don’t use?。”
Li Xianer also feels too much from Li Hui.。
“Lee brother,Don’t listen to my sister,We take two achievements,But the profit of Chinese herbal medicine we took 60%,How about it?”
Li Hui’s proposal for Li Xianer,There is no opinion。
“Then listen to the fairy sister,The profit of Chinese herbal medicine is all given,I don’t want to,Then I accounted for the medicine.,how?”
“Lee brother,Let’s negotiations that are not like people who do business normally.,How to push three blocks,Be sure after listed in the future,Even if it is a lot of shares, it is a lot of money.,Don’t you regret it??”
“Haha, regret it, is it me??”
Li Hui smiled and looked at Jinmingwu.。
Jin Mingwu is also deeply impressed by Li Hui’s words.。
He felt that Li Pei Feng is not a general young man before the drug in the drug.。
But now it seems,Li Hui’s air is far from his expectation。
Even if he feels that Li speaks with the wind, it will not be in the same way.,This illusion makes him feel that he is not some white effort.。
After all, he works hard to make more money.,And Li Hui’s efforts seem to make more friends.,The relationship between multi-dimensional systems。
But the more this,Jin Mingwu is, the more cherished。
At the same time, he also understands why Su Liang, why did you help Li with the wind?,Everything is here.。
“Row,I said, since I said this.,Then I don’t push three-level fourth.,This thing is doing this.。”
soon,Jin Mingwu is also a problem with Li Hui Feng discussion.。
After everything is no problem,Jin Mingwu is also a speech,After all, the things there are more things.。
Li Jinming Wu with Xianer two companies have a lot of people together,This time is the opening time,They have to go back to speak,Then plan a new goal for a year。
After sending Jin Mingwu and Li Xianer,Li Hui has a Pharma with Xu Ruzhen.,Then looked at the cellar。
These are his place to prepare the force this year。
in a blink,The days of the fifteen lanterns in the moon are also arrived.。
Lee wind directly with several women went to see lantern。
Looking at the fireworks shining in the air,The air is filled with explosives,Let Li Hui feel like it seems to return to a child.。
After fifteen,Everyone is busy.。