2015 NBA All-Star Rookie Game Wiggins 22 points, International League defeats the United States
On February 14, Beijing time, the NBA All-Star rookie game kicked off, and the international team defeated the US domestic team 121-112.  Andrew Wiggins scored 22 points and 6 rebounds for the international team, becoming the MVP of this game.Gorbert had 18 points and 12 rebounds, Mirotic had 16 points and Bojan Bogdanovic had 16 points.  The Native American team’s hit rate is slightly lower.Victor Oladipo scored 22 points each with Zac Lavigne, Trey Burke 17 points and Cody Zeller 12 points.Raven Flying Wiggins dunked this year’s rookie game and reformed again, with foreign aid against native American players, who participated in the second and first year rookies.  The international team’s starters are: Ante Torcombo, Mirotic, Gobert, Wiggins and Schlaud.Native American starters are: Cardwell Pope, Nelens Noel, Cody Zeller, Victor Oladipo and Elfrid Payton.  Because it is an exhibition game, both sides are more relaxed.Less than 3 minutes after the opening, the international team had dunked three times. Big Gott even drove the ball from the backcourt to attack, passing through the crowd and dunking successfully. The international team led 11-4.Zeller and Noel did not show weakness, and they immediately dunked back in color.  Oladipo blossomed inside and out. He first made a foul on a backhand layup. He even scored 3 points with a penalty shot, followed by a shot from the outside. After one person arranged the local team for 6 points, they overtook 18-14.International has dunked for four consecutive times since then, Wiggins dunked twice on his own, and the international team became the leading side again.  There are 3 in the first half.At 1 second, Schlaud made a layup.The local team quickly launched the last wave of attack, Zeller dunked, they backed 67-69.  In the first half, the international team hit 62.8%, Mirotic scored 14 points, Wiggins 13 points.  The U.S. native team also has a 57% shooting rate, Oladipo 16 points and Zeller 12 points.  In the second half, the Native American team took the lead in launching an attack. LaVine dunked three times in less than 1 minute, including two air relays. The native team overtake by 79-73.The international team dunked by Wiggins. He and Gottbert dunked in turns. Wiggins even performed a 360-degree turn dunk in the absence of defense. The international team became the leading party 88-87.  After playing half in the second half, the defense of both sides has been strengthened.With 7 minutes and 07 seconds left in the game, Pramley grabbed a rebound and fell on the field. Dean succeeded in stealing and a quick long pass. Bogdanovic received no ball to defend and calmly hit a three-pointer. InternationalThe team led 103-96.  In the last 5 minutes, both sides started to fight.With 4 minutes and 29 seconds left in the game, he prepared for a one-handed basket, but was directly covered by Plumley.The two teams missed consecutive shots. With 3 minutes and 33 seconds left in the game, Burke succeeded in a jumper and the local team chased the score 102-107.  Schlaud dunked with 1 minute left, and the international team led 117-111.After the local team missed consecutive shots, Gorbert dunked again and had 41 in the game.At 3 seconds, the international team maintained its advantage by 119-112.  The local team still missed a shot. The international team performed an air relay for the last offensive and locked the victory 121-112.(Angkor)