The man who left just now appears in the picture again,From the perspective, it is the side of the small square。The difference is that this person has an extra stick in his hand,I don’t know where I got it,Walking towards the entrance of the underground parking lot。
“What is this idiot doing??”
“Just get this guy in and have a meal,Throw it away and feed the dog。”
In the voice of everyone,The young man came to the closed rolling gate,Looked up and down,Then he inserted one end of the wooden stick in his hand into the bottom of the rolling gate.,Started prying the door,Very hardworking,Not like joking。
“I’m so fucking!Inform brothers,The people on duty are cheering up,You guys go with me to kill this idiot。”The black cat finally couldn’t help but burst into anger,Turn around and rush out after sliding the door。
Broad Bean is prying the door very hard,Didn’t take Li Tianchou’s instructions seriously,He doesn’t know if his performance just now worked,Just tossing for a long time,The whole water and sky are still dark and silent。
He suddenly feels unsure,And feel very upset。Just do it,The rolling shutter made a piercing noise under his fiddle,It is extraordinarily abrupt and weird in this silent night。
Chapter Two Hundred and Fifty Seven Perilous
Broad beans are smart,Although he didn’t take Li Tianchou’s advice seriously,But it will never be so pedantic。So after letting go of your hands and feet,,The stick in his hand broke,The rolling shutter was also pried with a big gap,He threw the stick,Turn around and run。Ran to a far junction before stopping。
Found a relatively hidden place to hide,Broad beans look back,Sure enough, something happened this time。Two groups of people ran out from the side parking lot and the main entrance,There are about ten。Everyone is carrying the guy,And frustrated,After yelling,Find people separately。
Broad beans ha ha smile,Just sat down cross-legged,I’m very happy to watch these people work,It took more than ten minutes to toss before it gradually stopped。
Not long,These people gathered at the front door again,Still cursing,But obviously he has no temper at all,Most people have returned to the sky one after another,Only two hapless guys were left trembling around the small square carrying the guys。
In fact, Broad Bean didn’t realize the danger was by his side,And will come anytime。Because there is a row of cars parked in the slow lane not far away,In one of the black Santana cars,There are two people watching with interest what is happening in front of them。
In the slow lane,Such vehicles are too ordinary to park,Nothing special like night parking lots on other streets,So it didn’t arouse the vigilance and alert of broad beans。
“This idiot is so funny,I just dozed off,He’s been stunned again,grass。”A burly man sat on the co-pilot in the car,Complaining,Can’t help but hit two breaths。