And facing this situation,Saito ancestor also recovered。
He knows very well,Today’s Saito is dead。
These two rivals,I’m afraid any one is better than myself,Broke the mountain guard formation again。
Hit again,He must die!
Saito’s ancestor can no longer take care of his descendants,Forbidden,The vitality in the body instantly boiled,At the same time, flames came out,Attached to the body surface,Stare at Li Ming,As if to explode with a thunderous blow。
And Li Ming also stopped showing the splendor of the galaxy,Six arms are like six pure Yang magic weapons,Zhang Kai is ready to take the blow from the ancestor Saito。
However, he did not expect,Saito Laozi turned blood red,then‘Whoosh’The sound turned into a bloody light,Escape quickly at a speed that he can’t even reach。
Chapter Twenty Three Mediate?
Winter tour over the world of Oxtail County,One blood red, one silver blue and two streamers chasing in the sky。
Looking at the blood red streamer in front of you,Li Ming was quite admired。