Whether it is confidentiality or protection measures,Are the top level。
“You guys come in with me,In the afternoon, you will enter your fingerprints and pupil faces。”
Flying wolf is obviously privileged,After verification,The gate of the base is opened。
“Don’t see anyone guarding here,But as long as a suspicious person approaches,Will touch the alert system,Immediately the entire base will be ready for combat。”
“Entire base,Divided into two areas,The first area is the area of our iron and blood blade,Daily training,Devil training,And posting tasks, etc. are all here。”
“Another area,Is the research area,The area is separated from the iron blade。”
“It brings together the top military scientists and medical scientists in China……”
Qin Hao immediately understood,Arrange these top scientists here,Is a good protection for them。
“from now on,You will stay here for a long time,Thor,You take them to get familiar with the environment here。”
“tomorrow,You start the three-month devil training。”
“Enjoy this afternoon,”Flying wolf smacked and smiled。
“Qin Hao,You go directly to the gun store,Pick your gear。”
Wait until the others finish,Fei Lang turned to Qin Hao and said。
Qin Hao just entered the base,I was shocked by the scene inside。
It’s not like any place he has seen before。