I want to come to Yin Zhiping.“Congenital strength”Important place,Seven sons in the town,But this sullen lice is despicable,Be in this weight,Sneak attack Yin Zhiping、After that, the situation is forcing the whole seven sons and they fight,This is the whole seven child.。
“Xiao Wang……And the tag door is the Jiacheng Tiancheng,Knight’s blunt,Xiao Wang has to tell,Day from day to……”Huo Que is struggling,What else wants to say?。
See the appearance of his dog skin plaster,Chu Deirers are not polite with him,Hanging down left hand,Fingers,Simiming the shaft of the invisible。
at the same time,Huo Does suddenly felt the right arm before they,Shoulder、Several big points of elbows,It is internal force to go back,Containment is not autonomous“beat”,Talking to make a backhand will,怼 怼 后 后——I don’t know if I have this.“Fart pocket”。
certainly,The action is not so standard,Ten eight nine is 怼 in hip meat!
And Huo Does also react now,Immediately sealed,After the face is unusual, it is ubiquitous.。
“Bamboo,It seems that Hodo is prince,I want to practice the god of the Gund Tibetan fan.,Let’s challenge again.?”Chu Deirers have a laughter。
Huo Does,Face is more blue and purple,Original injuries originally injured,As he walked around himself,Suddenly serious,Chest,Spurt a reverse blood!
As the Chu deer is now internally,“Seven magical rainbow finger”In fact, there is a potential to dig。
Just a pity,Because“Configure”reason,Usually there is no use of Wu Zhi——Epiased the dream of the gods“Wuyue Real Solution”In order to play strength,Normal dreams,Because cultivated“Fairy”,Burst,After practicing the dragon line twenty-eight-style,Chu Deirers don’t release their love。
As in normal time……
Chu Dee people“Small return”,The true gas is unable to put,Only in“Longhe big”Seize the other party,Ability to send seven mandarin light points into the target,This practical declines sharply。
In fact, Hong Qi also persuaded,Chu Deirers are also hesitating,Do you want“Swim”and“Seven magical rainbow finger”Integrate——The two seem to be never,In fact, Chu Deirers are not really want to integrate.!
Instead, I want to use both, I have the nature of Wushu.,mutual improvement,When the previous fusion,Some properties that are covered,Re-excited。
If the Chu Deirers guess the essence of the essence,It should be able to do it。
Huo Does seems to have dizzy,Holdly supported,Sangji is inorganic,Also do it,Just leaving, don’t forget to put down with half-life.:“Prince,Ze was saved,All-realism,Don’t don’t recognize!”
Seeing the enemy has retired,The whole sentiment has not stood——After all, it is now close to the site of Mongol.。
I haven’t seen Guo Qiao before the gate of the mountain.,Did not kill those Mongolian?
Without him,I don’t want to give a lot of things.……
Waiting、Sangjie and others retired,志 丙 has also rushed back with another two sets of Heavenly Quanta’s elite disciples.。
But just see,Guo Junxia is here to give birth to Ma Yu and others,Ma Yu and others have seen Guo Qiaoxia.。
Chu Deirers secretly speculative,Guo Giao has also done the customs of the whole sentiment。
“Handabe、Master、Uncle!Disciple has a load,Admitted to the enemy,Observe!”志 丙 连。
“you……Hey,Don’t say these first。”Ma Yu guess is definitely a change,But I don’t want to be Guo Ju Xia、Chu Deirers’ Learning Disciple。
However, the Chu Deirers said at this time.:“But not wrong,When I came,Watched this old brother,A sly thief called,It is still forcing people to insult my family’s head.,Come to be self-evidence,I’m almost misunderstood!”
志 丙 等 人 言,Originally thought that this has passed……
Chu Deirers also said the double——Misunderstand?It is misunderstanding that Guo Zhaoxia is a lagoon.,still is……Things to insult the little dragon girl for all disciples,Give birth to“Misunderstand”?
Tianshi,At this time, I won’t be busy.:“Disciple makes an export,Ask Master、Handabe!”
Palm,Master King of Heaven,Faceless,Originally because of the prior to Luoyang,The whole trial is what I want to take the ancient tomb.,And Chu Deee eases the relationship。
Although the Chu Deirers are alone,There is no impact on the whole real sent,But people have sent a thousand miles in the beginning.《Congenital strength》,And in Luoyang also saved the king,How is good and people have lost your family??
Listen to the deer people,All true seven sons can also imagine,How is these disciples?……
Ma Yu looked at the king——Your disciples,You come。
“Heavenly right,You worship me as a teacher,More than 20 years,Thinking,It’s just that this teacher is not very quiet.,For the teacher, he always thinks,You have the heart of chivalrous,How can you come to you in recent years?……In the future, you either go to the ancestors.,Either you go down the mountain.!”Wang is a master as his master,Direct opening disposal。
“Disciple knows the wrong disciple,Master is anger,Disciple is willing to sweep!”Tianquan is busy。
Chu Deirers have a dark——joke,This kind of “I will don’t let it?
Only here is a full truth,So Chu Deirers choose“Conformity”,If you change the A cat, a dog who has no sex.,Chu Deirers have handled themselves!
At that time, the Chu Deiren did not put this.,It is also exempting airs、Thunder mind……