Ding Junhui led China into the top 32 and won 5 games in a row.
In the second round of the 2016 Snooker Championship, a total of seven Chinese players within Ding Junhui and Fu Jiajun broke into the top 32.After the game, Ding Junhui said he was very lucky to advance, and O’Sullivan, who has won 6-0 in two consecutive rounds, how to deal with nervous emotions is a necessary quality for professional golfers.  In the face of the average strength of Rose Muir, Ding Junhui won the first game and then lost 2 consecutive games, but then seized the opportunity to win four consecutive games, scoring a 99 points and four 50 +, 6-2 eliminated the opponent.I feel like I can control the game, and I am very lucky.Ding Junhui said lightly after the game that Ding Junhui’s opponent in the third round will be Jimmy Jones of Wales.  In the first round, it took 56 minutes to defeat O’Sullivan 6-0, and in the second round, it only took 17 minutes, then took Clark 6-0 to enter the third round, and two 6-0 in the two rounds.Without losing a round.Ryan (Clark) is a very good player, but he looks a little nervous, but this emotion is very nerve-racking for everyone, if you have been thinking about I must relax, it is actually wrongYes, you need to maintain a certain level of nervousness, and then handle this situation, this is where your job as a professional golfer.  And Mark Allen, who scored 147 points on the first shot of his career in the game with Rod Rolla, felt relieved. For me, this is of great significance. I am the only player who has not played 147.When you move to the professional arena, you will definitely write a list for yourself and write down your goals, including winning the championship, hitting the first shot in the live TV broadcast, and of course, 147 points and winning the World ChampionshipAs well as being the No. 1 in the world, I have now completed half of my goals. However, the official record of the 124th shot 147 points and this season’s 6th shot 147 respectively, for Allen, the bonus is not much, ifNo one will score 147 points this week. He will receive a prize of 147 points for £5,000 and a top single prize of £5,000.