“thank you boss。”Ye Boping was a little surprised,I didn’t expect Boss Zhang to trust himself so much。
“Waiting for your graduate,If there is no suitable place to go,Can come to work in my company,Of course you don’t dislike my small company。”Zhang Qingzhou and Ye Boping drink together,Drink and chat。
“Boss, your company is big enough,How could it be a small company。”Ye Boping is upset,Answer casually,Because he has seen Fang Na,Just sit at a table not far away and eat,The man with her,Look fierce。
Ye Boping knew that Boss Zhang trusted him so much,Actually invited him to work in the company after graduation,I knew I shouldn’t have this idea,but,I want Fang Na to go away now,Impossible,Too late。
“You eat,Is the dish unappetizing??”Zhang Qingzhou sees Ye Boping doesn’t eat much food,Asked。
“No no no,All very delicious,I’m just a little tired,Poor appetite,Thank you boss for caring,You also drink less,It’s getting late。”
At that time,Zhang Siwei and Ye Boping are not particularly close yet,He didn’t even know the specific situation of Zhang Siwei’s family,I just think her family’s financial conditions are good。
203 origin
After dinner with Zhang Qingzhou,They separated,Ye Boping rushed back to school,There has been no news from Fang Na,He also doesn’t know how things developed later。
the next day,It’s Zhang Siwei’s graduation dinner,Originally, Zhang Siwei invited him to participate,But Ye Boping saw her get into Zhao Gang’s car and left。
He saw Zhang Siwei leaning on Zhao Gang’s shoulder and crying,But I don’t know what happened,The relationship between the two hasn’t reached the point of asking each other’s private affairs,and so,He didn’t dare to ask what happened。
Days passed,Fang Na still has no news,Ye Boping is still waiting to divide his half of the money,Rush to her place after school,It turns out that people go to empty buildings,He never saw Fang Na again。
After a long time,Ye Boping only heard that Zhang Siwei’s father was killed,Is a home appliance business owner,Ye Boping suddenly thought that Boss Zhang was in the home appliance business,Is it the same person?
Because he generally listened to the time his classmates said,It was the first day of Zhang Siwei’s graduation dinner,It is said that Zhang Siwei’s father was robbed of the money that day,I was killed and injured a vital part,Excessive bleeding,Ineffective rescue,Passed away the next day。