Immediately gunshots rang everywhere,Qin Hao and his party didn’t make much preparation at all。
The group was directly broken up,How many people fell directly。
“Professor Liu,Hurry up,”Qin Hao took Liu Shiqiang into the grass nearby。
At this moment,“biubiu”A sound rang。
The whole sky is lit up,This is the flares。
Qin Haoton feels bad,At this moment,Heibling City’s air defense system is activated。
All the air defense firepower is coming towards Qin Hao。
Because Heibling City is filled with high-level families,So Heibling City has an extremely advanced air defense system。
Densely packed bullets shot towards high altitude,The Battlehawks have no choice but to counterattack from high altitude。
And now there is no time to take care of Qin Hao’s side。
Qin Hao felt he was in a huge dilemma,Because there are rustling footsteps all over the mountains。
obviously,There are definitely not only small groups of enemies around here。
If Qin Hao didn’t expect it,,This must be a combination of several foreign forces and local forces in the Yaltaline region.。
Want to forcibly kidnap Liu Shiqiang,Or want Liu Shiqiang’s manuscript。
No matter how they discussed,Qin Hao is almost certain,They have colluded together,Implemented this action。