Five simple and effective acne seal tips

Acne is terrible, and acne marks are also difficult to entangle. Many handsome guys have suffered from acne marks, and the handsome and beautiful image instantly kills.

How to do it?

Below I will share with you five simple and effective acne seal tips, hurry up and try it.

  One: Cucumber applied to the face to remove acne. Cucumber slices applied to the face can not only promote skin metabolism, but also expand skin capillaries, promote blood circulation, and increase skin antioxidant effects.

Cut into thin slices with fresh cucumber and apply it on the face with acne marks, which can reduce the acne marks.

Hold on for a few days and find that the skin will also become white and tender and elastic.

  Two: skimmed yoghurt and red seal yoghurt are supplemented with highly active inorganic minerals, trace elements zinc and derivatives of vitamin A and vitamin E, leading to the conversion and excretion of toxic substances, replacing acne swelling and expanding, wound healing.
Just apply a thin layer of the leftover yogurt to the place with acne marks, and wash it off the next day, the red acne marks will fade a lot.

Because yogurt has too many nutrients, it is easy to grow aunt grains, so you should choose skim or low-fat yogurt.

  3: Taomi water wash face to dilute acne India Taomi water can not be poured, this is a treasure.

Nutrients such as protein and vitamins in rice are dissolved in the rice water, which can decompose sulfate oil, dilute pigments and prevent trace grains.

Pour off the water that washed off the dirt on the surface of the rice in the first pass, leave the water in the second pass, and let it clarify naturally. Then go to the clean water part to wash your face, and your face will become better and better.Downplay.

  Four: Fruit acid rejuvenation and acne removal products containing fruit acid can promote the replacement of old waste keratin, help skin renewal, and improve pigmentation after acne subsides.

Fruit acid with a concentration of less than 3% can make the cuticles regular, have better moisturizing effect, and can well control oil and remove acne marks.

8% of fruit acid can accelerate the renewal of keratin and a small number of upper epidermal cells, making acne marks inconspicuous.

10% or more acid (please use under the guidance of a doctor) can reduce acne marks and smooth wrinkles.

  Five: efficient whitening products to lighten acne marks late at night is a period of strong skin cell growth and division, you can use some products with efficient whitening function before going to bed, at this time the skin absorption rate is relatively high, whitening and lightening pigmentation effect is good.

The skin becomes whiter, pigmentation is reduced, and the acne marks naturally fade.