Help pick up and deliver business growth Cao Cao travel plans to deploy a new retail system
On May 11, a report released by Cao Cao Travel in conjunction with Zhejiang University of Technology and other units showed that under the epidemic, Cao Cao Travel helped pick up and deliver the business “Cao Cao Help”, which increased by 77 per month in 2020 compared with the same period in 2019.11%, an increase of 36 in the first half of February.93%, an increase of 69% in the first half of March, and an increase of 81 in the first half of April.11%.According to the “Report”, Tianjin, Chongqing and Guangzhou ranked in the top three in the ranking of “Cao Cao Help” in major domestic cities from January to April 2020.On the data list of items picked and delivered by “Cao Cao’s help”, flowers and cakes accounted for 68%.07%, fresh fruit accounted for 12.24%, which fully indicates that the market space for instant delivery service of perishable goods is growing.The relevant person in charge of the Cao Cao Travel Big Data Research Institute said that Cao Cao Travel and its related supporting travel scenes often have various types of necessary products, and a new retail system that integrates product trial, interaction, experience, purchase and order placement.In February 2019, the “Cao Cao Special Vehicle” brand and services were fully upgraded to “Cao Cao Travel”.At that time, it included a number of product lines including special cars, taxis, green business, Cao Cao’s help, low-carbon U products, Cao Cao carbon storage, Cao Cao media, Cao Cao self-parade, Cao Cao go chant and so on.It is understood that the “Cao Cao Help” business is a separate product line established by Cao Cao’s travel platform based on meeting the needs of passengers’ mainstream private cars. This product line provides users with full insurance for every need, and provides users with dedicated car personnel and a point-to-point personalityInstant help and delivery service.At present, the existing universal travel platform is distributed immediately upon arrival.In March of this year, Didi Chuxing announced that it had launched errand services in 21 cities including Shanghai, Shenzhen and Chongqing.Users can call the runners to buy the goods they need and enjoy the door-to-door service, and the same city pickup and delivery function will also be opened.Sauna, Ye Wang Chen Weicheng Editor Zhao Ze proofreading Liu Jun