Newborn snoring 3 common tapping positions

The snoring of the baby is caused by the sudden forceful contraction of the diaphragm, which is a very common fact. Generally, it will stop snoring after a short period of time. This is harmless to the baby and will naturally ease when it grows up.Don’t worry too much.

But if the baby is snoring for too long or too much, it can make the “caregiver” feel a little uncomfortable.

Three common snoring poses1. Try to hold your baby upright on your shoulders, hold your baby lightly with the strength of your hand, and then tap your baby’s upper back with the palm of your hand to snore.

Tips of the old Chinese medicine health network: 1.

In order to prevent the baby from spilling milk and spitting, when using the upright, the mother can put a small towel on her shoulder for easy cleaning.


Because you need your hand to support your baby upright, when your baby is facing you, be careful not to cover your baby’s mouth and nose so that your baby can breathe.


If the baby does not snore before and after tapping, you can consider stroking and then tapping, or change to another uniform and tap.

2. If you feel the upright position is more difficult, you can consider the upright position. The mother can sit and let the baby sit on his lap toward himself. The mother supports the baby’s head with one hand and pats the baby with the other hand.On the hips.

Tips of the old Chinese medicine health network: 1.

Have a small towel for your baby to prevent spitting.


As with the upright type, if your baby doesn’t snore after a few taps, consider stroking and then tapping.

3, the side-laying mother sits with her legs closed, lay the baby horizontally, let her lie on her side, her baby’s head slightly downwards.

The mother supports the baby’s lower body with one hand, and pats the baby on the back with the other hand.

Old Chinese medicine health net tips: This position is more suitable for smaller babies, in order to prevent the baby from falling down, it is necessary to properly fix the baby’s body on the mother’s thigh.