The misunderstanding of using eye cream

When it comes to eye cream, do you think it is a skincare product that is only used at an old age?

Then take a mirror first, do you have dark circles?

Do you have bags under your eyes?

Do you have crow’s feet?

That’s right, eye cream has moisturizing effect, can reduce the dark circles, the formation of eye bags, and also has the effect of improving wrinkles and fine lines.

When do you think you should start using eye cream?

How to use eye cream properly?

  One: When is the best time for girls to start using eye cream?

  It is better for girls to start using eye cream from the age of 25, otherwise it is easy to take a little grain early. If there are small fine lines around the 20-year-old eye, it is best to use an eye cream.

  Second, the misunderstanding of using eye cream: 1. Applying eye cream with ring finger is very fragile skin around the eye. You need to pay attention when applying eye cream, and ring finger is the lightest of all fingers. Therefore, we must use ring finger when applying eye cream.Many people are accustomed to wiping eye cream with their index and middle fingers, which is more likely to cause wrinkles.

  2, face cream and eye cream to distinguish between many people when applying eye cream, they will apply the cream around the eye, and then apply eye cream, this method is wrong, this will cause the culprit of trace particles, the correct method of use is inWhen applying the cream, the orbital bone should be used as a dividing line, and the cream should not be applied around the eyes.

  3. Excessive use of eye cream Many people think that the more eye cream is applied, the better. In fact, this is a wrong idea. The skin around the eyes is very thin. If you absorb too much, it will not be absorbed by the skin. This will cause a burden and accelerate the eye muscles.For aging, in general, the amount of eye cream is only the amount of rice grains.

  4. The massage method has different effects on the eye cream, and the massage method is different. The wrong massage method not only can not make the eye cream work, but also makes the eyelids appear wrinkles. Some of them are wrinkle-free eye creams, which must be smooth during massage.As the skin’s growth texture heals, those who remove dark circles have to massage from the head to the end of the eye.

  Third, the correct use of eye cream 1, in the morning and evening after cleansing and cleansing, take out the eye cream the size of mung bean, use two ring fingers to rub each other, so that the eye cream will be warming effect, and more easily absorbed.

  2. Then apply the eye cream with your hands evenly and gently pat on the skin of the eyes, and apply more on the lower eye socket and the extension of the eye end to the temple, so the effect is better!

  3. As for the detailed steps of the eye cream, first start from the lower part of the eye, and gently tilt it from the eye point to the end of the eye, and then slowly insert it from the upper part of the eye from the inside.

  4, followed by the middle finger with the abdomen from the eyebrows down, and then along the eye sockets, can be gently extended from the inside.

  5. Finally, use the middle fingertips to block the Yingxiang points on both sides of the nose, so that the eye skin promotes blood circulation, and it is more convenient to use eye cream.

  6. In the subsequent weekly special care, the use of eye mask can also be added in the final step, which can help reduce the eye pressure more effectively.

  7, precautions are the second biggest killer behind eye expressions, causing eye wrinkles, especially when using heavy eye cream, be sure to use a quick opening method, rather than rubbing horizontally.

If you use an eye cream that removes dark circles, it will work better after hot compress.

  Below the corner of our inner eye is the most fragile part of the eye skin. There are many glands there, and it is easy to grow seedlings and wrinkles. While focusing on care, we must adhere to gentle massage techniques.