Compared to Lin’an’s bustling,Song Tie’s palace……Can only be said,No imagination。
Chu Deirers are hiding in a quiet place,I really have to meet the guardian guard,Also use sounds to open,All the way to the quiet small courtyard。
Listened to no one in listening to the room,Chu Dee people directly down the window,It is also followed by it.。
Shuttle,The hustle and bustle of the outside,It is not a breath.——This day is too irritating!
First is yin,Send it to the palace almost,After that, I encountered the martial arts.,It is said that it is said that forty years?Then then I’m almost passed by the heroes.“Murder”,Fortunately, this Chu Tai is not a legend that there is no reason.……
Now finally,It’s not worth a lot.,Decoration of the surrounding low-key but luxurious connotation。
“Help,Oh yeah,This table and chairs are rosewood.?”It is not a look that there is no one.。
Chu Deiren quickly pulled him over:“Are you too relaxed??It’s really the first in myself.?Is it a place in a monk??”
kindness,Being a non-trial of the test.,indeed“Rich”under,Some mentality imbalances,The most vigilance of the city well mixed is gone.!
This is also normal,Not directly become big magic、Only I am convinced,It is already a good heart……
But because of the previous frightening,It is not a shadow of Chu to Chu.,I quickly converge。
Heard someone,The two quickly arrived up after hiding.……
It turns out that two people misunderstand,It is actually hiding the emperor’s kisites.、Yun Luojie’s palace。
This Yunli County is also liked by martial arts.,Please have many masters,Shaolin、Wudang、Emei……All the factions——Kung Fu can learn,Does the county still have to learn?
Interested is similar to a county with Yuan Mengye,It’s just a lot of ability.,And Yunluo is in the seemingly stable Lin’an City,Learning is just a fun,Nothing is ambitious。
But it is because,Yunluo is very confident on his own martial arts.,even……Row in the top of the list。
After all, Zhao ignored is her uncle.,And it is usually true that it is really contest.,People in the rivers and lakes don’t dare to come to Lin’an to challenge the main owner.,Really be big,I haven’t found the gate yet.,I have been sackled!
certainly,For the meaning of Zhao ignorant,Chu Deirers are hitting“?”of,After all, Yunli County is the first,It is the laughter in the rivers and lakes.。
Mock up the world’s first Zhuang、Mock up Zhao ignored,More ridicule,Is against Yunro himself、And royal family!
At this time, Yun Luo is not afraid.、I don’t afraid to remove the assassin,However, it is blocked by the two East Plants.。
Yunlo is more angry——Does the county need to protect Cao Zaizhi??
have to say,Yun Luo’s circulation“Bad pus Cao”Person,Extremely high acception,Same one“Cao Zimo”Swear,This is completely with Shen Hou.。
Of course, it’s not wrong.,After all, a lot of local officials are on the bribe East Factory.,For the filial piety,It is very serious from the sewage of people.,This area can not be wrong。
After the two East Eunuch,It is not enough practice.,Actually in the face of Yunli,Fu Award Cao Gonggong、Yin Yang strange,This emotional business is low……Even the Chu Deirers have some suspicion。
Results Yun Luo is anger,Raise two people、The head is dipped on the screen!
Chu Deirers can also see Yunli’s martial arts at this time.——And the two years of water is almost,It is also bullied to bully small eunuchs.,The list is really a background list……
At this time, Cao Zhengqi also came to the county.,After Yun Luo heard,I wrote a big big“Sputum”。
Cao Zhengyu heard the shouts of his own embarrassment,Can’t help but open:“County!Old slaves are restless,Still check out!”
Push the door,I am seeing these four big words.,After that, the two small eunues were also thrown down at their feet.。
Cao Zhengyu, where did this,Yun Luo County is intended to be interested in?
However, Cao Zheng is the limit of the bold,It is not allowed、Pushing in the name of the main owner,I don’t dare to really get rid of Yun Luo,I have to hate it.:“County Lord God Gaver,It seems that you don’t have to have a lot of fun.……Summoned!”