“What happened, Xia Jian?”
Wang Degui asked nervously。
Xia Jian sighed,What happened at Pingkang Hospital just now,Tell Wang Degui from beginning to end。
Wang Degui was so angry that he almost fainted on the spot。He pointed to Wang Youfa and shouted at the three of them:“Bastard stuff,From today,Our father and son are absolutely gracious。I don’t have your son,You don’t have my father。roll!Hurry up!”
“dad!Listen to me explain。This matter has nothing to do with me。Besides, where can I get my baby?Does your old man think your son has this ability??Of course,As for whether anyone else did this,I don’t know”
Wang Youfa pulled a bitter face,I knelt down in a hurry。
Niu Huiling stopped listening,She frowned,Angrily asked Wang Youfa:“Big brother!What are you talking about?What others do not others,Don’t you just say me?I’m telling the truth,I really didn’t do this。Moreover,Even if i want to do it,Do i have this time?We just arrived in the provincial capital,I received your call。You can’t come,I drove over here,You said……”
“All right!Don’t be embarrassed here。Since the police have stepped in,I believe there will be results soon。If they did it,do not worry,I, Wang Degui, will never spare them”
Wang Degui shouted angrily,He was so angry that he raised his hand outside the door。
Yao Chunni, who hasn’t spoken all the time, spoke now,She came over in two steps,Said in a low voice:“You go!Youcai don’t want to see you”
Yao Chunni said this,Wang Youfa pulled an angry Song Fang,Two people walked out of the ward first。Niu Huiling glanced at Wang Youcai on the hospital bed,What she wanna say,But in the end I swallowed the words when I reached my throat。
Wait for Niu Huiling to leave,Wang Youcai said weakly:“Xia Jian!If i really can’t get better,Pingkang Hospital is taken over by your group。There are more than two million shares in Niu Huiling,Return to her”
“What nonsense?It will be good if you raise it well。Moreover,We have a lot of things,You should manage it yourself!”
Xia Jian said,Suddenly feel sad。He is not sad,But he suddenly felt that a young man said something like this,That’s a kind of helplessness to life。Actually everyone has to experience life and death,It’s just that the way to die varies。
Wang Youcai looked at Xia Jian and turned his face to the side,He laughed and said:“It stands to reason that I should give this hospital to my eldest brother or second wife。But i don’t worry,Let them manage,This hospital will be closed in three days,Can leave it to you,This hospital can flourish,Pingdu……”
Wang Youcai said,Suddenly fell asleep again。
“He said too much,May be too tired,That’s it。You must not shirk,This is a trust。If you have money,This doctor will be handled by him,If Wang Youcai doesn’t get better,You will handle this hospital。Don’t worry,Our old Wang family won’t ask for a penny from this hospital”