ICBC Beijing Branch’s personal loan business adopts six alternatives to fully support epidemic prevention and control and resumption of production and production
In order to resolutely implement the national decision-making on the prevention and control of the new coronavirus infection pneumonia epidemic, ICBC Beijing Branch launched six service changes in the personal credit business, fully supporting the prevention and control of capital customers and the resumption of production.  First, increase support for small and micro enterprises.For small and micro enterprises related to epidemic prevention applying for personal business loans, a replacement is implemented and a green channel system is approved to ensure that credit funds are used in the production of epidemic prevention materials in a timely manner.For business loans issued during the epidemic, the bank must have a certain interest rate discount to reduce financing costs for small and micro enterprises.Regarding the stock of individual business loan customers, if the operated enterprise is eliminated due to the impact of the epidemic situation, and the operation is difficult, the loan renewal and extension support will be provided to help the enterprise survive the difficult period of epidemic prevention.  Second, strengthen the guarantee of repayment services during epidemic prevention.All medical staff, staff members, as well as diagnosed patients and suspected persons and their spouses who participated in the epidemic prevention and control, and the personal loans at ICBC during the epidemic period are overdue due to inconvenience in repayment.  Third, launch the loan face signing appointment plus sign-in service above the line.In order to prevent the concentration of crowds contracted by housing loans, branches and developers and second-hand housing intermediaries have agreed to adopt an appointment system for individual housing loan contracts, which will be distributed to sub-branches or the nearest outlets.In the face-to-face signing process, in order to meet the needs of some customers for proper masks throughout the face, a face recognition identity authentication service was urgently launched, and pilot services were conducted in key second-hand housing cooperation agencies.It not only avoids the concentration of staff, but also facilitates the customers to sign the contract nearby to improve the customer experience.Individual customers with other financing needs can inquire through the telephone number of the nearby branch through 95588, and consult the loan appointment service by telephone.  Fourth, the self-service channel appointment advance repayment service was launched.To prevent customers from concentrating on the risk of aggregation due to early repayment by the loan bank, the bank urgently set system parameters, perfected operating system regulations, and launched a personal loan self-service channel to book an advance repayment service.The personal loan customers of this bank can make self-reservation advance repayment through online banking and mobile banking channels. After approval, the bank will automatically deduct the repayment funds from the customer account on the agreed date to complete the early repayment operation.Convenient early repayment provides strong support and guarantee.  5. Various online loan services.At present, the bank’s personal financial assets self-service pledge, online loan, business fast loan, e-pay fast loan and other products all support online application; at the same time, it also provides loan progress query, repayment plan query, repayment record query and other query services, And loan information adjustment services.At the same time, according to the requirements of the People’s Bank of China, on March 1st, we officially launched the stock personal loan pricing benchmark conversion (LPR conversion) service; the bank’s personal loan customers can perform self-service conversion through mobile banking, self-service teller machines and other channels.  Sixth, on-site support service of sub-branch.Since the outbreak, 37 sub-branches under ICBC’s Beijing branch have arranged personal loan staff to be on duty at the sub-branch. Customers who really need to go to the sub-branch to handle business can call the sub-branch to confirm the time and place before going to the sub-branch to conduct business.The telephone number of each sub-branch can be inquired through 95588.