Used breakfast,Zhu Minglang headed towards the other side of Hudaoshan,I met some people on the road,It’s just that many of them don’t recognize themselves anymore。
of course,Zhu Minglang, some people don’t even recognize it,Even the inner court of Zhumen,The personnel changes in recent years seem to be quite large。
Passed through the magnificent temple of forging swords,I wish Minglang arrived at a blue pool filled with lake water,I saw a group of seven or eight year old children there,They are sitting on the stone bench,Row by row,Sit tight,It’s like listening to the most exciting scene。
But there is no stage in front of them,There is only a bay of blue water,Above the stream,Mr. dementia is talking there、Eloquent,Telling some ancient and incredible legends of dragons。
“Talking about this dragon,Have ancestral veins,When it is angry, it can make the world soak in the sea of different sky that it calls,The waves of the sea,Can destroy hundreds of kilometers of mountains,The ancient beast in the sea,Easily crush a country……”
“Then you know that this ancestral vein is above the different sky dragon,Who is enshrined?,That’s right, you see me now!”
“I am the ancestor of the nine heavens,Return to nature and become the smallest fish。”
Finished saying this,The children are already laughing staggeringly,It seems the happiest thing every day,Just sit in rows here,Listening to Mr. Dementia say something infinite。
Ask outsiders to come here,I saw a group of children gather around a koi that can freely float in the air,Seeing this koi spit out,I must think this is a very strange picture。
But in Zhumen,Three or four-year-old dolls know this talking fish。
Everyone calls it Mr. Dementia。
No one in Zhumen knows the origin of this koi,It’s just that koi has always been a good luck thing for people,New Year holidays,There are lifelike carps hanging from house to house,Wish good luck。
The same is true for Zhumen,But Zhumen never hang koi,Don’t give away the koi painting calendar,Let our children go to this blue water stream,I’ll just pay my respects to Mr. Dementia。
“so,The waves of the sea,Can destroy hundreds of kilometers of mountains,The ancient beast in the sea……”The little koi continues to open the mouth,Has a kind of old-fashioned meaning,But the voice is not so old,Often a bit funny。
“Mr,You just said this。”A chubby kid said。