The instructor’s eyes are very poisonous,More than 20 years of life and death experience,Encountered countless forms*Opponent,Many people haven’t done it yet,He can stand from the other side、posture、The habitual movements of the upper and lower limbs before the battle judge the person’s combat power seven or eight。
but now,The instructor has no way of judging the black man,This person is the kind of popular medium body,Except slightly thin,No outstanding features,There is nothing remarkable about the muscle groups covered under tight clothes,It can only be roughly inferred from the outline of the lower abdomen that this person has passed middle age。
The man in black stood too straight,Just like a wooden stick,But the naturally drooping arms show the other side’s extremely relaxed state。This is an awkwardly quiet posture,But has a very strong aura,At least this person poked there,Make the opponent feel oppressive and dangerous。
Chapter 518 Escape danger
“Ma’s,Not a master,Just pretending!”The instructor secretly cursed,Like comforting myself,It seems to encourage Li Tianchou。
The camera shakes suddenly,The fuzzy figure of the man in black is magnified,Li Tianchou seems to have pounced on it,But the other party still stands still。
“Kid,Don’t take it lightly!”The instructor seems to have entered a general state of battle,Reach out and grab the cigarette case by the table,But I can’t find a cigarette。
The picture is messed up again,Except for black and white images flashing alternately,Can’t tell anything,The instructor crumpled the cigarette case in his hand and threw it away。
After spitting out a heavy breath,The instructor quickly forced himself to calm down。Logically speaking,He has been on the verge of life and death for most of his life,Scarier than before、I have seen too many dangerous and intense scenes,Shouldn’t be so uncomfortable,But it happened to be so unexpectedly anxious。
Discover and train one‘Walker’Very not easy,This is an important reason,What’s more troublesome is that this incident involves too much,And cross-border missions are too sensitive,Move the whole body,It can be said that the instructor has already put his own wealth and life on it。
Although the disappearance of Baiyan and the drug case of Qian Fukun have been sent to the Myanmar police through official channels,But after all, too many constraints,And the sudden tension in northern Myanmar is also extremely detrimental to the current operation.。According to Li Tianchou’s play method,Really walking a tightrope。
But the instructor also knows the truth about being out,He can only choose to firmly support Li Tianchou at this moment,As long as you can get iron evidence,Then the possibility of the police from both domestic and foreign countries working together to destroy the tumor is greatly increased。
The camera freezes again,But it only started shaking again in an instant,The brooding instructor only had time to see a picture clearly,It’s chaotic again。There seems to be an arched door at the far end of the picture,The two rows of dim light bulbs above my head stretched over,There are as many as ten,Not close。Could it be that Li Tianchou has got rid of the man in black?
The instructor noticed that it was already 4:35 in the morning,From the beginning of the screen transfer to the present,Li Tianchou has been inside for a full hour,This is unimaginable。Previous similar missions in the Jedi were basically the shorter the stay, the better,From a security perspective,The enemy is not a comfortable place after all,There is always the danger of accident and death。