New films diversified in December, “fight index” soared
According to the lighthouse data, as of December 1, the total box office in the mainland movie market in 2019 has reached 596.6.2 billion yuan, the total box office in the mainland movie market in 2018 was 609.7.6 billion yuan.Only the last month is left in 2019, and it has also entered the Chinese New Year. There is no suspense in reaching the box office in 2018. The key is to watch too much.According to the Douban movie, there are a total of 44 cinema movies currently scheduled in December, including 8 introductory films.  There are many types of domestic films. The crime films include “The Whistler” starring Tang Wei and Lei Jiayin; in the action film, “Ye Wen 4” ushered in the final chapter. The “Special Police” team replaced by the special police directed by Ding Sheng”The love film includes Feng Xiaogang’s” Only Yun Knows “, and the real love film” The Man Who Was Captured by Light “wrapped in science fiction.Introduced in the film, the more important ones are “Brave Game 2” and “Interstellar” released on December 6, while “Star Wars 9” released simultaneously with North America on December 20 has a more than 40 years ofClassic IP, but this IP is not too expensive for Chinese audiences. The highest box office series in mainland China is the “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” released in 2016. The box office is only 8.100 million yuan.I hope the box office in December will add to this year’s total box office performance.    Science fiction “Star Wars 9” Director: J.J. Abrams Starring: Daisy Ridley, Adam Dreyfu Released Date: December 20 Recommended Index: ★★★★ This film is “Planet”The third piece of the “Post Trilogy” of “War”, as well as the ninth piece and final chapter of “The Legend of Skywalker”, will be released simultaneously with North America.A year after Luke Skywalker turned into a Jedi hero, the remaining resistance will face the First Order again.At the same time, the battle between Jedi and Sith brought the Skywalker legend to the end.This is also the last time that “Luke Skywalker” Mark Hamill starred in the Star Wars movie. Princess Leia, who played the deceased Kelly Fisher, will return and process with the unexposed pictures taken in “Star Wars 7”.The old version of Rando Carrising also returned.The security measures of the “Star Wars” script have always been well-known, but a small episode occurred earlier. John Poyega, who played Finn, accidentally lost the script of “Star Wars 9” when he moved, and was cleaned.It was auctioned on eBay. Fortunately, Disney and Lucasfilm saw it and bought it in time.  Director of “Interstellar Discovery”: James Gray Starring: Brad Pitt Tommy Lee Jones Release time: December 6 Recommended index: ★★★ ☆ “Interstellar Discovery” is director Gray ‘s seventh film work,Shortlisted for the main competition unit of this year’s Venice Film Festival.Although the film is a science fiction film, it can be said by the director that it is more like a science fiction version of “Modern Revelation”.The film tells the story of Roy, a space engineer played by Pete, who went into space to find the truth in order to leave Earth and go to Neptune to explore the mysteriously missing father and secrets about human safety.There are enough spacewalk shots in the film, and there are also explosions of the space station. The thrilling scenes of Pete and the rover chasing the gun battle are very rich in visual effects.The emotion between father and son in the film is also the focus of the film’s performance. Like 2014 Nolan’s “Interstellar Crossing”, “Interstellar Exploration” also attempts to combine the father and son’s affection with the cold science fiction theme. Pete also strives to achieve in this filmThe outstanding performance in the nomination Oscar performance award.  Director of “Brave Game 2”: Jack Kasdan Starring: Dawn Johnson, Karen Gillan Release time: December 6 Recommended index: ★★★★ ☆ “Brave Game” two years agoFor the third consecutive week, he won the North American weekend box office champion and the global box office exceeded 9.600 million US dollars, the box office in mainland China also won 4.900 million is quite successful.As a sequel, “Brave Game 2” continues the original cast of the previous game, “Boulder” Dawn Johnson, Jack Black, “Nebula” Karen Gillan, Kevin Hart all straight back, very recentlyRed Chinese actress Okafina (“Golden Potion” and “Don’t Tell Her”) also joined the series.The difference is that the scene is no longer a familiar primitive jungle, but a deserted desert. The last one is a family fun comedy, and the selling point of this movie has become an action adventure, regardless of the thrill of the plot.It’s still special effects production, which has to be upgraded a lot compared to the previous one.The film will be released in mainland China one week ahead of North America.  Crime “The Whistle” Director: Xue Xiaolu Starring: Lei Jiayin, Tang Wei Released on: December 6 Recommended Index: ★★★ ☆ The concept of “whistle blower” originated in the United Kingdom, referring to the discovery of malpractices in the government and enterprises, and the truthPeople, they can find problems and sound the whistle as soon as possible, long-term protection of consumer rights and interests, and public interests.The film is the first Chinese-language movie to be replaced on the big screen with “The Whistler”.  The film is also the third collaboration between director Xue Xiaolu and Tang Wei. It is the third part of its “Overseas Narrative Trilogy”. She said that she doesn’t want to shoot big heroes, only ordinary people.In the film, Zhou Wen, played by Tang Wei, invited Ma Ke, played by Lei Jiayin, to be a whistleblower and tell the truth.Ma Ke may be an ordinary person around you and me, and they will be afraid and corrected, but in the face of self-interest and morality, they still make the necessary choice to bravely come forward.  The plot “Southern Station Gathering” achievements will be released in December. Director: Diao Yinan Starring: Hu Ge, Gui Lun magnesium Release time: December 6 Recommended index: ★★★★ Director Diao Yinan is particularly fond of shooting black crime stories, directed 5 years ago”Daytime Fireworks” won the Golden Bear Award for Best Film at the Berlin Film Festival.The new work “Party at South Station” moved the story from the cold northeast to the vibrant river and lake atmosphere of Wuhan, which still continues the type of film noir that Diao Yinan is good at.  The story inspired real news events, and found the story of the car gang leader Zhou Zenong embarking on the road to escape and working hard to seek self-redemption.The film is the ultimate in image style, most of it is night show.As the first big screen actor, Hu Ge, in order to get closer to the role from the outside to the mainland, while learning the Wuhan dialect, he also entered the group to practice fighting a month in advance.In order to have a better picture effect in the scene of bare upper body muscles, I did not drink water for three days, only drank some coffee, and there was a sense of strength in the beauty of the bandage.  Director of “Downton Manor”: Michael Engler Starring: Hugh Bonneville, Elizabeth McGovern Released on: December 13 Recommendation Index: ★★★ Have a very high rating in the UK.The play, “Downton Manor” has a large number of fans in China. This year, the remake of this play into a movie is a huge benefit for fans.In the movie version, more than 20 script actors returned. The story was called Downton Abbey and was suddenly called an unexpected letter. To welcome the most distinguished guests of all time, the British royal family is about to visit.The film has reached 96 million US dollars at the North American box office, with a Douban score of 8.2 points, it did not ruin the original.  Action “Ye Wen 4” Director: Ye Weixin Starring: Donnie Yen, Wu Yue Released time: December 20 Recommended index: ★★★ The “Ye Wen” series is one of the more successful Chinese Kung Fu films in the past ten years.”Question” is released, the mainland has harvested 82 million box office, and also won the best film of the next year’s Golden Awards.2010 “Ye Wen 2” and 2016 “Ye Wen 3″ won 2 respectively.3.1 billion and 7.6.9 billion box office.”Ye Wen 4” is the end of the series, the story moved to the United States, found Ye Wen came to Chinatown in the United States for some reason, accidentally involved in a local military forces and the Chinese martial arts dispute.Faced with increasingly rampant ethnic discrimination and oppression, Ye Wen stepped forward and fought desperately in the US Marine Corps barracks, proving Chinese kung fu to the world with authentic Wing Chun.In the film, Ye Wen apprentice Bruce Lee (played by Chen Guokun) has too many scenes. In the 1964 Los Angeles World Karate Conference, he beat his opponents by fists and shocked four of them.The “Ye Wen” series also brought Donnie Yen’s acting career to another height, but he revealed that “Ye Wen 4” will be his last Kung Fu movie.  Director of “Swat Team”: Ding Sheng Starring: Ling Xiaosu, Jia Nailiang Released Time: December 29 Recommended Index: ★★★★ The film is based on the real special police elite team “Blue Sword Commando” as the prototype of the character, and the story surrounds the Swat TeamThe two squads work together to destroy the drug base, rescue informants, and jointly protect the story of city safety.The film continues the characteristics of director Ding Sheng’s previous works: police uniforms, male hormones burst.Because this is a movie with special police as the main character, the director hopes to reach a new height in this genre. During the shooting process, there will be very professional special police personnel to provide guidance, “This includes the guidance of firearms, tactics, actions, equipment, etc.”While ensuring the professionalism of the film, director Ding Sheng also hopes that this is a commercial film with a good combination of various aspects, and he is very aware of its viewing nature,” we have done a lot of discussions under the guidance of the special police, trying to makeOrdinary viewers are full of visual stimulation when watching.Because the SWAT is very mysterious to the audience, we have fully revealed this time.”To be determined Director of” Lan Xin Theatre “: Lou Ye Starring: Gong Li, Zhao Youting Released time: To be recommended Index: ★★★★ The film is adapted from Hongying ‘s novel” Death of Shanghai “, the story is set in Shanghai in 1941In response to a judge, she was collecting secret information for the Allies while acting in the new stage play. After discovering Japan ‘s plan to attack Pearl Harbor, she refused to share this information.The film is structured with the indiscernible drama between true and false, and the drama “Saturday Novel” is continuous throughout the film, using a gradually blurring method to deal with the boundary between the drama and the real world of the film, making Gong Li played the star Yu Jinhe.The drama director Tan Na’s emotions played by Zhao Youting are intertwined with reality, making the film’s spy temperament even more fascinating.In addition, Lou Ye uses rough black but full-texture black-and-white images, “all colors will be shown in the black-and-white images of the film”, which is a new attempt to replace genre works in spy warfare.In the film, Gong Li plays a female star. At the same time, she is also a professional and courageous “spy”. The inner world is very complicated.The actor Zhao Youting plays a drama director in the film, he said that this is the biggest performance space since his film.In addition, the film has a long shot of 27 minutes and a half.  Love “Only Yunyun Knowledge” Director: Feng Xiaogang Starring: Huang Xuan, Yang Caiyu Released on: December 20 Recommended Index: ★★★★ The film is based on the true love story of Feng Xiaogang ‘s comrade and assistant Zhang Shu when he joined the army, and happenedAfter a half-life man Sui Dongfeng, his middle-aged man suddenly lost his wife Luo Yun, and then he decided to complete the moving story of his deceased wife’s last wish.The story background of the film is set in New Zealand, and the time span is as long as 15 years. The director recorded the love experiences of Sui Dongfeng and Luo Yun wandering in a foreign country through interludes.Starring Huang Xuan and Yang Caiyu collaborating with Feng Xiaogang for the second time after “Fanghua”, the two went from roommate to lover, opened a restaurant together, lost a pet dog, the restaurant closed . The whole movie is like a songNostalgic prose poems are full of humor and a touch of sadness in life.The film’s screenwriter Zhang Ling is a Chinese female writer living in Canada. The movie “Tangshan Earthquake” filmed by Feng Xiaogang in 2010 was adapted from his novel “Aftershock.”  Director of “The Man Who Was Taken by Light”: Dong Runnian Starring: Huang Bo, Wang Luodan Released on: December 13 Recommended Index: ★★★★ The film has a soft science fiction setting: Mysterious light shines to many places in the world,Many people disappeared.People gradually discovered that what disappeared was a pair of people with true love, and those left behind could not help but doubt the love between each other.As the first realistic light science fiction movie in China, the movie has attracted many viewers’ curiosity in genre.Director Dong Runnian said: “The movie” Wandering Earth “is a heavy hammer, striking the soul like a war hammer. Our light science fiction is like a dagger, dividing the outer shell of reality and letting light shine into the deep and complex human nature.”This film is the first feature film directed by Dong Runnian. He is an old partner of directors Ning Hao and Guan Hu. He has won the” Old Cannon “award for the best screenwriter of the 31st Chinese Film Golden Rooster Award.”Fourth collaboration after” Falling the Heart “and” Crazy Alien “.The film also participated in the HB + U new director project initiated by Huang Bo, and was the first work released in the project.  Sauna, Night Net