“Doctor Fang,I’ll give it to you……”
Gou Yi hurriedly caught up。
Let people drive to see Fang Yu!
“sister,that guy……Is it a long line to catch a big fish??”
Gou Yi sent Fang Yu,Asked when I came back to my sister。
“You think too much……I checked his information,He was indeed an intern at Qingxin People’s Hospital。As for Dongwoo Hospital,Not found yet。but,Indeed no problem!
Lu Yao knows the horsepower,Don’t worry, brother。
How is this,Not sure yet!At least he is better than that Xu Chao,Much more honest!”
Gou Hui muttered。
“Brother Chao is pretty good, right……”
Gou Yi thought of what Xu Chao gave him,Subconsciously said。
“I’m tired!You go out……”
Gou Hui said solemnly。
Her brother,Was obviously bought!
First46chapter I’m here to drive you away!
“Why isn’t Doctor Fang coming today”
Dongyu Hospital。
Jiang Wan’er drank the medicine,Miss Fang Yu a bit。