Elementary war:Sword songLvMax
Element outbreak:Jianqiqin heartLv12
Passive skill:none
Sword songLv13:Elementary war,First paragraph:Swipe forward,The other enemies in the twentie party are also caused100Wind element injury。Second paragraph:Side of the sword,cause400Wind element monomer injury,Thereof200(Monomeric injury50)Real injury(Survey of resistance)。Third paragraph:Reincarnate to the enemy,A large amount of wind element damage per second,Last ten seconds(Causing every second13Wind element injury。)If the third paragraph attack hits,recover90physical strength,Get two-point wind element particles,Not hysterer, restore48physical strength。
Winnisa finally boarded the sky island.,Francis didn’t understand these。
He only knows,The new round of sleep is to start。
for him,Try not to interfere with the plot is the most doing。
As long as he is not interested,Will n’t get together。
This time, the time is set to the time point of Dr. Monde in Monk.。
after all,Only at that time is easier to collect evidence。
If you have forced story development,Diluke will not leave the evil eye,Keya will not give Diulk’s eyes,I have become unknown。
This matter,He will not do,At least it will try it with the capital of it.。
He never fights unscrupulous。
So he must make the world’s wool before the traveler recovery。
The world is now, the more you like him.,When he arrived, he joked。
Wait, then,world!I will give you a big surprise.。
This time I slept this time,Time is a thousand years。
In order not to be disturbed,He chose to lying in Shimen to lying a thousand years。
so,When Flanders came back next time,should……Can buy something he wants。
I still lack one passive skill,He feels good。
(passive)Sword state Xiao Xin:Use a sword attack,Increased attack power20,Influence of musical instruments10,Using a sword attack speed increase5,Physical consumption15
Exchange conditions:20000
Very powerful skill,Although it is necessary to pay for hundreds of years,But very worth。
He feels that the system is still very conscience,At least there is a very fit to him.。
France is not a person who doesn’t know how to be grateful.。
This system and him are just mutually utilization,But this thank you people still have to thank people.。
Francis is a common person,He is called Fu。
Very ordinary one,I have been unwilling to follow the flow,Always pick a small writing。
Nature,Also a street。
Pay also part-time live broadcast game。
There are nearly 10,000 yuan of income every month.。
Later listening to friends,Originally beta,I tried it.。
Then……At that time, I wanted to have a very lucky parent.,Wen Di is in hand.。