“it is good,I’ll send someone to you later,Billion worth,Won’t let you suffer!”Tianlongren don’t care either,Anyway, they drink a lot every day。
Half a cup or a cup,Makes no difference to them。
The two Tianlong people checked out and left,The remaining seven dragon people…Do not,Now eight。
Just when Leo talked to the two Tianlongren, another one came。
but,The monster has only three heads。
Leo is not worried,Hunger marketing can highlight the preciousness of monsters,And the next batch of monsters will be bigger than this one。
But then the latecomer will definitely put it back,Once and again,And Leo always guarantees that a dragon can buy a monster,This temptation will be maximized。
Always can’t buy monsters,I watched more people pretending to be forced,And they are powerless,One can imagine this anger and unwillingness。
Culprit Leo?
They can’t kill Leo,There is nothing to do with Leo,So I can only find Leo to buy a monster。
At that time, Leo asked for the super large life essence and worried that the other party would not take it out?
“well!Maybe the super large life essence is not the limit,Maybe there is better!”