“how about it?On this condition,It’s already pretty good in this one,Young man。”Wang Po is very confident。
“not bad,Wangpo, let’s talk about rent。”Conditions are much better than expected,Cleaned up,Li Tianchou is more satisfied,No longer wordy。
“Ok,The guy is very refreshing,Wangpo, I won’t lose you,A month90yuan,Not counter-offer,Water and electricity not included。”
“Damn,My Wang Poai,My grandma。Didn’t you just say it??Give some face,Cheaper,good or not?”Wei Dong yelled aside。
“Ye,Little Bunny,Don’t know how to praise,You go to inquire,A house like me,What’s the rent for a month,I don’t want to talk if I’m missing a hundred or two。Why look at your face?I think this guy is good,Gave such a low price,You’re still screaming here,Are you renting a house or he renting a house?”Wang Po’s eyebrows raised,The heavy eyeshadow is almost drawn into a semicircle。
“90on90,Just to ask,The rent is paid every few months?”Li Tianchou stopped Wei Dong who was still waiting to speak。
“Pay every three months,No deposit。If it’s a month,Need to add another month deposit。”
“it is good,I will pay for three months。May come in a few days。”Li Tianchou paid the money without hesitation。
Wang Po smiled and took the money,Said:“Lad is refreshing。It doesn’t matter,Starting from the day you moved in。remind,This small building is made of pure wood,Afraid of fire,Don’t cook in it。and also,No toilet in the room,It’s convenient to go outside。Tap water、Boiling water is public,Just downstairs,Nothing else。”Finished,Wang Po handed Li Tianchou a small brass key。
“Oh,By the way, don’t forget to give me a copy of your ID card next time you come,Now strict。”Wang Po did not forget to remind me when I went downstairs。
On the way back,Wei Dong kept complaining about Li Tianchou’s haste,Otherwise, I can still bargain。Li Tianchou smiled faintly,“Such a house,Worth the price。”
Li Tianchou did not break his promise,Sure enough, we invited Weidong to a big meal in the evening,A food stall at the intersection of the village in the city,Fat Intestine、Pork head、Fried pork with mushrooms,Enough rice tube。The taste of the dishes is very good,And cheap enough。
Weidong touched his belly very contentedly,Hiccups from time to time。He himself was embarrassed to tell Li Tianchou,This is the autumn breeze for a few days,The only meal I had with plenty of oil and water。
Li Tianchou is about to check out and leave,A man with a beard on the side table,Always pour and drink,But suddenly got up,Escaped the gear at a speed of 100 meters,Unusually fast,Without any warning。
“stop,Paralyzed bastard!”The lady boss in the shop yelled immediately,The little boss whizzed out of the back hall after hearing the sound,With a kitchen knife in his hand, he chased it out,But not long,He came back frustrated。