2015 AFC Champions League-Yu Dabao breaks the door to conquer the red Guoan away 1-1 Urawa
On the evening of April 8th, Beijing time, the fourth round of the 2015 AFC Champions League group stage continued. Beijing Guoan played away against Urawa Red Diamonds. In the first half, Guoan played an advantage against the main goal. Yu Dabao broke the goal in the 34th corner kick.Fei Zulau missed two single-shot opportunities; in the second half, the Urawa Red Diamonds made a big push, and Japanese international Samo Chino also used a corner kick to equalize the score in the 74th minute; in the 77th minute, Yu Dabao header hit the post;In 88 minutes, Lang Zheng was sent off with a red card for retaliation, and eventually the two sides drew 1-1.Guoan 4 wins, 3 wins, 1 draw, 10 points, Urawa Red Diamonds only scored 1 point; in another game in the same group, Suwon Samsung defeated Brisbane Lions 3-1, Suwon points increased to 7 points, Lions roar is still 4Minute.  In the first three rounds of the group match, Guoan topped the list with a three-game winning streak, and Urawa Red Diamonds lost three straight to the bottom.In response to the situation of the group and the objective situation of the week’s double match, Guoan’s lineup has been adjusted. Deyang, Batara and He Dacheng all served as substitutes in this battle, and Fei Zulu started forward.In this season’s lineup configuration, only one foreign aid, Urawa Red Diamonds, is out of the local starter, but it is still the main effort. Because the suspension missed the third round of Guoan’s 2-0 victory over Urawa and World War I, Nasu Dailiang will start.裁判向武藤雄树出示黄牌朴成李忠成争顶  客场作战的国安开场即拉开阵型积极前压,于大宝与宋博轩在两边路均连有冲击,徐云龙也曾上抢到前场策动攻势,Park Cheng missed the low shot.In the first quarter of the match, Guoan formed a certain advantage by passing the game, and there were even steals in the midfield and the frontcourt; Urawa Red Diamonds was in a situation where it could only seek to counter a fast break.At home of Urawa Red Diamonds, what is clearly audible is the cheering of Guoan fans.In the 17th minute, Muto Yuki invaded Zhang Xiaobin in front of the Guoan restricted area and received a yellow card.  In the 24th minute, Zhao Hejing crossed the right from the front, Shao Jiayi burst into the penalty area and fell to the ground when the ball was freed. Shao Jia raised his hand to the referee to signal the foul. The referee ignored it.Guoan missed the perfect opportunity after 1 minute-Shao Jiayi split the ball after attracting a double in the midfield, Fei Zulu forwarded to form an absolute single-handed ball, but Fei Zulu faced when the opponents were unable to chase backThe goalkeeper’s low shot was weak, and Urawa Red Diamond goalkeeper Nishikawa Zhouzuo stood and intercepted the ball.In the 29th minute, Urawa Red Diamond’s left highball impact was passed by Hashimoto and the front pass. Ishihara Naoki’s middle pass was shot and missed under Guoan.  With the support of the fans at home, Urawa Red Diamonds made a continuous impact, and Guoan scored in the 34th minute-Fei Zulau also got a chance to insert a single-pole ball before the midfield start, but was chased after a long distance dribbling.The player was prevented from breaking the bottom line; Song Boxuan took the right corner, Xu Yunlong nodded in front of the ball and crossed the ferry.In the 36th minute, Urawa Red Diamonds made a continuous impact in the Guoan restricted area after passing from the left. The shot near the Kashiwa Yangsuke small restricted area line was wonderfully sealed by Yang Zhi.In the 42nd minute, the referee thought that Yang Zhi delayed showing his yellow card.Guoan led 1-0 in the first half.  Easy side, Huraura and Red Diamond formation front pressure hit continuously, Yu Dabao continued to withdraw his defense and blocked the opponent’s attack.In the 55th minute, Naxu Liangliang elbowed Zhou Ting’s back when he was competing for the high point, causing Zhou Ting to bleed slightly. The referee ignored the complaint from Guoan.After 3 minutes, Song Boxuan touched the defensive player and fell to the ground in the red diamond restricted area of Urawa. The referee ignored it.  In the situation where Guoan is difficult to form a pass-through control, Song Boxuan and Fei Zulu have taken the ball to break through, Park Cheng won a free kick, and won a chance for Guoan to stabilize the situation.Shao Jia was able to decline and suffered injury, and was replaced by Deyang in the 66th minute.Deyang’s appearance and the formation of continuous transmission and cooperation with Fei Zulau, the national security scene changed, and the formation reopened to form a stalemate with the opponent.The desperate Urawa Red Diamonds ran out of three substitutions ahead of schedule.  In the 74th minute, Urawa Red Diamonds equalized the score-Jun Takagi took the corner from the right side, and Mizuno Tomoko header.This is the first goal conceded in the Guoan AFC Champions League.In the 77th minute, Guoan made a threatening attack from the right pass and Yu Dabao headered the ball and hit the post to rebound!Directly shot into the arms of Xichuan Zhou Zuo.In the 85th minute, Guan Gengui’s right wing broke through the low shot and was confiscated by Yang Zhi.Since then, Yang Zhi has attacked again to resolve the opponent’s left attack.  In the 88th minute, Zhao Hejing was injured and fell to the ground to stop the game. Lang Zheng suddenly rubbed with Li Zhongcheng. Both of them even collided, Lang Zheng raised his arm to the opponent’s head, Li Zhongcheng quickly fell to the ground, the referee will LangRed card sent off!In the four-minute stoppage period, Li Zhongcheng again smashed Xu Yunlong, who had fallen to the ground, with his forward momentum during the fight.Eventually the two sides drew 1-1.进球信息  北京国安:第34分钟,于大宝在角球攻势中破门  浦和红钻:第74分钟,槙野智章在角球攻势中破门红牌信息  北京国安:朗征(第88分钟)黄牌信息  浦和红钻:武藤雄树(第17分钟)  北京国安:杨智(第42分钟)首发阵容及换人  浦和红钻:1-西川周作;5-槙野智章、4-那须大亮、33-桥本和(66Minutes, 31-Takagi Toshiyuki), 46-Moriwaki Ryota; 8-Kashiwagi Yosuke, 16-Aoki Takuya, 14-Hirakawa Takatsuki (46 minutes, 24-Kuan Gengui); 19-Muto Yuki, 11-Ishihara Nao树(72分钟,22-阿部勇树)、20-李忠成  北京国安:22-杨智;31-赵和靖、13-徐云龙、18-朗征、4-周挺;6-张晓彬(78分钟,17-Battara), 8-Park Cheng; 11-Song Boxuan, 29- Shao Jiayi (66 minutes, 10-Deyang), 19- Yu Dabao; 21- Fei Zulawu (Wood Fire)