But on the hundreds of mu of crops in Zhangyang Village,Rows of plastic greenhouses have been built。The morning sun shines on it,Refract the dazzling light。
Early in the morning,Xia Jian took Ma Chuntao and several cadres in the village to check the quality of the project。He checked,While asking Ma Yandao who was following him:“LJHow is the contact??”
“The first seeds have been sent,We will receive the goods in about ten days”Ma Yan said,Opened the notebook that I brought with me。This girl is very capable of working,She really feels relieved when she does things Xia Jian。
Ma Chuntao glanced at the other cadres behind her and said:“When our cooperative becomes rich,We in Zhangyang Village not only have to pay Village Chief Xia’s salary,Also pay half of Ma’s salary,Otherwise, people in Xiping Village would have opinions”
Li Xiangye behind Ma Chuntao smiled and said:“Should keep the accounts from now,Xiao Ma has done a lot for our Zhang Yang Village”
“Ok!I agree with this,Should do”Xia Jian took out his mobile phone,He turned the phone to vibrate when he went to bed last night,A phone call came in just now。
Ma Chuntao sees it,She hurriedly smiled and said:“Chief Xia!You can go first if you are busy,Leave the rest of this little thing to us”When has Ma Chuntao returned from a business trip?,Seeing Xia Jian’s gaze, there is an unnoticeable tenderness。
“it is good!”Xia Jian said,Connected to the phone。He walked on the road,And said to the phone happily:“Hello Mayor Ma!Why do you call me so early??”
Ma Xiaofeng on the phone also looked very happy,She smiled and said:“Which delegation from other provinces visited our Xiping Village last time,I wrote a report in the provincial newspaper after I went back,Caused a lot of impact。Provincial leaders attach great importance to the development of our Xiping Village,I praised relevant leaders in the city on the phone”
“Hi!This is a good thing!Since all attach great importance to the development of Xiping Village,Can you please allocate some money to Pingyang Town?,It’s been a while since Zhang Yangcun reported such a good project”Xia Jian said with a smile on the phone。
When Ma Xiaofeng heard that Xia Jian mentioned Zhang Yangcun again,She paused suddenly,Then smiled and said:“You know Mayor Qin so well,You should go to her directly for this”
Xia Jian knows,Everything is fine,Just talk to these leaders about money,They are not pushing three and blocking four,Is a long shot,Anyway, each has its own difficulties。
Can’t ask for money,Xia Jian suddenly felt that he and Ma Xiaofeng had nothing to talk about,So I found an excuse and hung up the phone。Xia Jian stood on the side of the road,Looking at the extraordinary plastic greenhouse in Zhangyang Village,It’s hard to calm his heart。
did not think of,Planting flowers is much more difficult than planting vegetables。They are not just short of money now,And lack of technical power。FortunatelyLJWho promised to send someone over for guidance,Otherwise he really can’t sing this scene。
Xia Jianchang exhaled,He turned around and walked towards the big dash stopped on the side of the road。He is going to Pingdu,Talk to Qin Xiaomin in person,Otherwise, the later development of Zhangyang Village will definitely be stranded due to money problems。
All the way,Hardly spent much time,Xia Jian has parked Da Ben in the parking lot not far from the city government。Pingdu City is rectifying traffic safety recently,So he dare not stop randomly。
The man on duty at the gate of the municipal government saw Xia Jian,And asked with a smile:“Which leader do you find?”
“Let me find Vice Mayor Qin,She’s working!”Xia Jian said,Ready to register in the register。
Which man said with a smile:“Mayor Qin went to the province for a meeting,It’s been two days,Should be back in these few days”