“No companion,You also saw it,I am not an organization and the other party.。”Redi Xi Zi Zi’s hand drip blood,The gun injury is only from the skin,But it’s very persuasive。
“Little child,You feel I will believe?”
Liao Jie closed:“I am three times,Don’t let your companions come out,Send Xue Li to see her sister。”
“I said no!”
Red Yisheng,Double eyes and death lock Liao Jie’s shoulder,And slight shaking muzzle。
A gun ring,Cryogen mourning,Bundled body tilt,A line is not,Directly lead。
A silence in the field,Two people,Fall into the state。
Conan and Chi Xiuyi。
These two people,One is a name detective,one isfbiSearch officer,Have a low price of too many lives,Come on this cheap replacement with people around you,It is also likelihood that。
“How about it,traitor,No one does not protect the desperate,Is it very unforgettable??”
Liao Jie smiled and made a knife:“Saying good heart,How can you tell the patriarchal?,I am afraid that she is alone.,So I sent her sister and sent her.。”
“Piano wine!!!”
Red Well Xiuyi Finger,眼 白 血,No visual enemy holds the gun,Stepping on the steps。
“Nice momentum,Playing with you。”
Liao Jie took guns,I am laughing on the face to make a cold murder,Waitzi Xiuyi to the front,Side avoids heavy punches,One shoulder fall to the three meters away。
Red toss is rolling,Stand up,Double eye congestion。Izen is overwhelmed,Did notice that he was regarded as a near-war chicken,Can easily hit ten white hair,Today, I’m too agile.。
“Piano wine,Say three times!!”
Red Well Xiuyi Angry,Precision of boxing,The combo is destroyed from the villain who is faith。
“idiot,I am in my heart.。”
Liao Jie laughs and responds,Continuously block the red hush,Waiting for its violent offensive,Grab a flaw begins to counterattack。
According to the gray season,Standard men can’t let go,Must be broken,Lifelong disability,It is best not to have a second half,Hanging directly on the wall。
This cruel requirement,Liao Jie can’t satisfy,Moreover,Standard man is difficult to residue,If you pay for a two-minute, even if you pay the appearance fee of gray.。
Field,Boxing to meat,Do not open。
the other side,Conan continued to shock,Still suffering from the evil spirits of gray。
Divide the wall,While shaking your head,Side points around the vein blonde:“It’s a primitive person,It’s not just the gun directly.,Do not use fist to solve problems。”
“Bell Mad,if it is possible,I also want to use the fist to hit your face.。”
At this time,Judi in the back is not paying attention,Latent,Lift the gun to his back position:“Don’t want to die,Put the gun down。”
“so troublesome,Snown by the mouse。”
Fragrance,Wat hands far away from the gun,Hold in Judi,Introducing the football battlefield。
Judi is bish,I want to have two people in my heart.,So didn’t shoot a gun directly。
When the aspect of the black, the red sued is a few steps.,Hands and knees gasping,It is incredible in the eyes of the enemy.。
How can I be two years?,The organized person will be called than one.?
Spriasti kill him even if,That is a geek,Why is there any kind of piano wine that can put him violence?,What happened to this world?!
Liao Jie Shoween is indifferent:“Bell Mad,Be too shameful.。”